How can I clown-proof an area?

During bloodmoons I such as to make use of a rabbit spawner arrangement to ranch cash money. I additionally have a few other expensive things constructed near my rabbit ranch. Nonetheless, throughout bloodmoons clowns generate. Clowns misbehave. Clowns toss bombs which blow things up. Clowns near my rabbit spawner toss bombs which blow MY things up. Just how can I stop these clowns from exploding my things?

2022-06-07 14:41:42
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The wiki recommends constructing your residence out of Dungeon Bricks, which are unsusceptible to clown bombs. They are frustrating to get, yet they can not be flopped.

Certainly, if you do this, you might risk of transforming your residence right into a Dungeon biome, which offers its very own troubles. See to it to construct over water level to prevent this opportunity ; the Dungeon is just taken into consideration to exist at - 4 or below.

2022-06-07 16:36:09