Why is SWTOR not downloading through EA's Origin service?

So, I'm concerning to download and install SWTOR as created below http://www.swtor.com/early-access.

Yet it feels like I need to download and install the customer on its own, not using the Origin program by EA, also if the video game turns up in Origin.

Will the download be for the Origin solution (connecting it to Origin at the end) or does it have absolutely nothing to do with the solution?

Basically, will I need to redownload it after the Early Access (Dec. 20th) also if I download it currently?

2022-06-07 14:41:58
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The Star Wars: TOR account coincides as your EA account. TOR utilizes its very own customer (which you can download and install from your account at swtor.com) and also does not rely on Origin. The customer downloads the video game made use of for the beta, very early accessibility, and also the last release/updates. The download mores than 25 GB.

(I recognize all this for reality due to the fact that I did it all and also begun playing.)

2022-06-07 17:20:45

While SWTOR does require an Origin/EA account, it makes use of its own launcher (which is its downloader/patcher).

The Early Access customer is the same downloader and game client that the last video game will certainly make use of. This is sort of the factor of Early Access, to have a duplicate of the last video game prior to its main launch. Nonetheless, realize that they will certainly be taking the servers down for maintenance on the 19th/20th, before the video game is main launch.

2022-06-07 15:12:45