Will SGE output slow down my simulation, if so, how much?

I am making use of collections at my college is high efficiency computer facility, they are making use of SGE system to do the work monitoring. You could recognize that by default the SGE will certainly result 2 documents: NAME.oXXXXX, and also NAME.poXXXXX. I need to know if this result will certainly reduce my simulation.

Generally my simulation would certainly take a couple of weeks, and also the NAME.oXXXXX documents would certainly expand large, like numerous gigabytes, so I am sort of stressing such a large documents will certainly reduce my simulation.

Does any person have any kind of experience, and also if so just how to transform it off. In fact I do require this result log to examine my outcomes periodically.

PS: the storage I am making use of currently is not afs , yet pscratch , so no use fsync.

Many thanks a whole lot!

2022-06-07 14:42:01
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It relies on just how much you contact the log, yet my hunch is that it is a line every numerous actions, so you should not bother with that - most simulations will generally do much more actions (each being hundreds of calculations) in between creating the log lines.

The .oXXXX result documents is the typical result of your simulation plan, which would certainly get contacted the console or else (.poXXXX is the 'identical result'), so the regularity of contacting them relies on your program. So just how much you write totally relies on your simulation plan - describe its guidebook to examine just how to lower the regularity of result, if you can do that. Regardless, that need to have a marginal result on the rate of your simulation.

2022-06-07 15:11:45