Where did these NPCs go?

A number of NPCs in Riften appear to be completely missing out on: The secure proprietor, and also the clergyman at the Temple of Mara that executes marital relationships. Currently I can not acquire a steed from that certain secure, and also can not come to be wed.

Is this a bug, or have they passed away? I bear in mind a dragon strike beyond the city and also perhaps taking place a rampage as a monster. If they are dead, exists any kind of means in all to revitalize them?

2022-06-07 14:42:05
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Answers: 2

Maramal is RefID is 00019DD5.

So I would certainly attempt:

resurrect 00019DD5
player.placeatme 00019DD5
enable 00019DD5

Hofgrir Horse-Crusher is RefID is 00019DFE ; the very same needs to benefit him.

2022-06-07 15:14:07

It is more than likely a dragon strike. Examine the location bordering the city for their remains. If you find them dead, and also use the computer, after that you can make use of the console to reanimate them.

To reanimate an npc (adversary or pleasant), stalk them, open the console, click their remains (you'll see an npc code turn up in the facility of the screen), after that type reanimate and also strike enter. They'll pop right up like absolutely nothing took place. If they are aggressive, they will certainly strike you.

If they do not pop right up afterwards, you possibly misclicked their remains, and also obtained a thing code for something near them. In this instance, attempt clicking around till you get a various code, after that attempt to reanimate them once more.

Edit: Be mindful when making use of placeatme as @agf suggested, it has actually developed replicate npc remains in the past. You can remove these by picking the undesirable npc while in the console window and afterwards keying disable - > enter.

2022-06-07 15:11:56