How do I remove Journal entries in Skyrim, or mark them as finished?

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I have actually looked on the net for this, and also there seems just manuscripts to remove things from the supply yet not mark as full in the journal.

This takes place generally due to the fact that I accidentally finished a pursuit prior to Stuff that I've currently done. Instances:

  1. Find Rjorrn is Drum
  2. Find Finn is Lute
  3. "Speak to Nelacar" access in The Black Star

These recommend currently, yet I'm sure extra will certainly come as I proceed discovering Skyrim.

Does any person recognize the manuscript to note these jobs "finished", due to the fact that it makes me shiver .

And also I did attempt setstage missionName stagenumber yet that does not influence the journal aid!

2022-06-07 14:42:16
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