Installing latest version of a package on cygwin?

I intend to run Emacs 23 on Cygwin, yet when I install cygwin just emacs21 obtains mounted. Just how can I update my existing Cygwin install to make use of Emacs23? I recognize emacs 23 is readily available given that it is detailed at this link.

2022-06-07 14:42:34
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When you remain in the "Select Packages" action of Cygwin Setup:

  1. Click on the value in the New column (it will certainly cycle via the install alternatives) in the emacs paddle
  2. Select most recent variation of emacs (you might additionally need to examine package in the "Bin" column)

One point I saw is that as soon as emacs 23 is mounted, Cygwin does not offer you the alternative to uninstall it. I needed to install emacs 21 and afterwards it permitted me to remove emacs.

2022-06-07 15:14:16