Digitize video?

I obtained some flicks on a VCR that i intend to relocate to my computer system in some way. (for individual usage)

I have a video capture card and also all equipment called for. I'm seeking the software program - programs, codecs, etc.

I such as the layout that the majority of gushes can be found in and also obtained several of these i would certainly such as to make use of as reference for contrast. Just how can i see what codec, bitrate, etc a flick is making use of so i can select this and also recognize that it will certainly function and also look excellent. For AVI - documents the bitrate shows up in traveler yet it does not state the codec made use of and also i additionally have a great deal of MKV - documents that traveler can not take care of.

All sort of pointers, methods and also various other pointers rate. This is entirely new to me. Just how do I stay clear of that video/audio leaves sync as an example, several flicks you download and install have audio out of sync so i hunch this can take place fairly conveniently.

The encoding - program needs to work on windows and also for playback the flicks need to work with at the very least VLC for windows.

2022-06-07 14:42:36
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What I advise you to do for the highest possible conservation of top quality is:

  1. Use the application that features your capture card
  2. Choose the greatest feasible resolution and also layout you can record (3MBps DV - AVI when possible). (Since you are recording from VCR, anything over 640 in resolution pixel size will certainly not cause much gain.)
  3. Usage Handbrake to transform to the wanted layout. To recognize what is the most effective top quality result you need to set for your video, you can read this forum thread here

Audio/Video sync concerns are not a problem nowadays if your resource is excellent, and also you maintain the in - in between conversions in between layouts to a minimum. Basically, simply do this:

Capture from Source > Handbrake Conversion

And you will certainly have a really high opportunity that audio sync concerns will certainly not exist.

2022-06-07 15:14:39

WinDV is a superb application for recording video. It will certainly maintain your video and also sound in sync and also does not go down structures (bear in mind to disable anti-viruses when recording).

2022-06-07 15:14:32

VirtualDub is an old, renowned, open - resource and also still proactively - created video capture/processing software program (for Windows just). It is straightforward and also effective, with great deals of attributes and also great - adjusting setups. It is is not a complete basic - objective video editor, yet I assume it could have the specific attributes you require.

2022-06-07 15:14:30