Safari and IIS Windows Integrated Security

Is it feasible to make use of Safari4 with an IIS organized Intranet website that makes use of IntegratedSecurity (NTLM)? InternetExplorer and also Firefox can managing it. I could not locate a means to get it collaborating with Safari though.

2022-06-07 14:42:36
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Short solution. No

The webkit engine does not have a means to manage NTLM yet, and also there are no strategies regarding a I realize for this.

SharePoint has actually constructed a workaround for this in the means they take care of cookies in SP2 and also in 2010 as an example, to permit the web server to 'assume' that the browser is NTLM confirmed.

I have actually been exploring this for the last 6 months, we have 150+Mac customers that require accessibility to SharePoint as an example, and also Safari is my individual favored browser

2022-06-07 15:14:29