Gnome - Something like Alt-Tab but corresponds to horizontal program list at bottom?

I'm on Debian/Gnome - I've constantly been making use of Alt Tab yet occasionally I have 20 approximately programs and also I would certainly favor if I can leap to the program by striking something like Alt+F1 or Ctrl+1 so if 'strength' is my first program detailed near the bottom left after that it leaps and also opens it.

Or probably there are various other window supervisors with something comparable? I'm great with there being a restriction of 9 given that I can not map something to 2 - figures clearly.

2022-06-07 14:42:39
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I'm on my XP dividing presently, so I can not consider the information myself, yet I assume you could locate the alternatives in the CCSM under Window Management valuable (especially the Window Picker or Grouping).

You would certainly need to be making use of compiz (which I assume features Jaunty) and also install the CCSM.

CCSM installation conversation:

EDIT: Apparently "new customers can just upload a maximum of one hyperlink" which is foolish. I'll see if I can leave the various other web links in the remarks.

2022-06-07 15:15:18