Replace 3 PCs with a single PC containing 3 separate video outputs?

I have a customer that has 3 diskless workstations, all running Embedded XP, each running a duplicate of a really standard 'slide show' program I created for him. Each computer has a DVI result which we face the HDMI outlet on a huge widescreen LCD TELEVISION. The resolution of each television is 1280x786 (if I bear in mind appropriately, it is feasible 13xx throughout) and also the 3 TVs are all literally mounted along a wall surface, alongside each various other straight.

For numerous factors we are a little bit miserable with the diskless workstations and also I intend to switch to a solitary computer with 3 graphics cards (either 3 desktop computers or a solitary desktop computer extending 3 displays - due to the fact that I have the code for the slide show software program, I can manage either circumstance). The computer would certainly run XP or Server 2003, I do not mind which and also I presume it could be constricted by the readily available graphics card vehicle drivers, etc.

I've seen twin - head cards ; can you acquire a card with 3 DVI results? Or could you perhaps get a twin - head card and afterwards a 2nd card having the 3rd DVI? Or perhaps 3 economical cards each with a solitary DVI? Has any person ever before obtained 3 various DVI outputs out of a COMPUTER?

To be clear - I'm either seeking 3 DVI results each offering me around 1280 pixels ; such that the computer either assumes I have one solitary desktop computer of 3740, or 3 different 'displays' of the same resolution which are prepared flat to create a huge total desktop computer.

The computer I desired to give up for this is a number of years - old Dell Dimension (I neglect specifically which flavour) - it has a SVGA result yet absolutely nothing else onboard. I do not recognize what sort of AGP outlet (if any kind of) it has and also clearly the readily available sources inside the computer could have an influence on the remedy we can make use of.

Has any person attempted anything similar to this prior to? Any kind of cards/combinations to specifically advise or stay clear of? Rate is perhaps mosting likely to be a variable below although if there is just one remedy around after that I would certainly seriously consider it, no matter the rate.

2022-06-07 14:42:41
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You claim "which we face the HDMI socket". Several cards (like my NVidia GeForce 8500 GT) have both a DVI and also HDMI result. This card can result to the first 2 displays, and also a 2nd less costly card can take care of the 3rd.

2022-06-07 15:54:04

There are currently numerous solutions below concerning running 3 displays off a solitary computer:

Three 1920x1200 monitors

and also

Three monitors setup on machine with integrated graphic card

as an example

2022-06-07 15:14:34