Computer wont go to sleep?

I have a media computer system with Windows Vista Home Premium. When I turn on media sharing, the computer system rejects to head to sleep after x - mins of idling. If I transform of the media sharing the computer system will certainly go to sleep on its own. Is it intended to act in this manner when media sharing is turned on?

2022-06-07 14:42:43
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See this tutorial and also see to it that the "Multimedia Settings" for "When sharing media" is readied to "Set to Allow the computer system to sleep".

2022-06-07 15:14:27

That is deliberately.

When you enable media sharing you are advising your equipment to constantly get on. Consequently the capacity to enter sleep is impaired, as the equipment needs to constantly be readily available for others to access the shared media. Nonetheless if you do desire it to head to sleep adhere to these actions:

  • Start the Power Options Control Panel applet (Start, Control Panel, Power Settings)
  • Select the "Change strategy settings" alternative for the existing power strategy
  • On the setups dialog box, click the "Change progressed power settings."
  • Scroll to the "Multimedia settings" alternative and also expand the "When sharing media."
  • Change the readying to "Allow the computer system to sleep
  • Click OK, after that close all open dialog boxes
  • The "Allow the computer system to enter Away Mode" is the setup Media Center makes it possible for

The away setting capability makes the computer system seem off to the customer yet in fact maintains the system running.

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2022-06-07 15:14:27