XP SP2 installer locks up on Compaq C500

I have a Compaq Presario C500 laptop computer I am attempting to place XP SP2 on. I think it initially featured Vista, and also I ran Linux on it for a long period of time with no troubles.

Right after the "Press any kind of key too from CD " component of the procedure, the installer briefly flashes, "Setup is currently evaluating your computer system is equipment configuration." and afterwards the screen simply goes empty and also remains in this way. No blue screen, no red chart, no more result.

In addition, the disk drive task LED on the exterior begins strong (yes, strong - not blinking really swiftly) and also remains in this way too till reboot.

I have actually attempted numerous installation CDs, and also I have actually tried too off an exterior USB CD - ROM. More than likely the concern concerns the SATA storage space controller. I have actually attempted disabling "native SATA support" in the BIOS as numerous discussion forum blog posts have actually recommended, yet however without result.

Any kind of pointers would certainly rate!

2022-06-07 14:42:46
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I would certainly examine and also see to it there are also vehicle drivers for the motherboard for XP. If it featured Vista you run out good luck if Compaq really did not create them.

I did consider it shows up this forum post is from a number of individuals that intend to do the very same point you are doing. It appears they were greatly effective, though they do not state which XP solution pack they were functioning from.

Do you have any kind of CD without Service Pack 2?

If disabling that storage space controller really did not deal with anything, this discussion forum will certainly not aid however. I would certainly assume warmth can be a feasible wrongdoer, or, possibly a damaged drive or controller of some type. I would likely wager that the computer system will certainly not collaborate with XP. You could intend to attempt Vista, or the Windows 7 RC, on it, to see if anything jobs. Though those make use of a various install setup, at the very least you would certainly have a variation of Windows.

2022-06-07 15:15:09

generally i recommend to slipstream the controller vehicle driver right into your installation CD (as an example with nLite), nonetheless, this is not stated in the discussion forum blog posts, so allow is think it is feasible to install XP without slipstreaming the vehicle driver (although i do locate it dubious due to the fact that no variation of Windows XP includes indigenous SATA assistance).

can you transform the SATA setups to IDE (AHCI will most definitely NOT function without the vehicle driver)?

otherwise, do you need to alternative to load the BIOS default setups? if so, load the default setups and afterwards disable "native SATA support".

2022-06-07 15:15:08

I have actually faced the very same concern with a couple of laptop computers that are running SATA attempting to do a tidy load of XP as opposed to Vista. Appears that disabling the "Native SATA Support" is usually the only solution. (Tried slipstreaming the vehicle drivers. No dice.)

2022-06-07 14:49:38