Opensuse 11.1 KDE4 Dropbox autostart issue

I am making use of KDE4 with the lastest variation of opensuse, and also I intend to autostart everytime I activate my computer system.

I followed this internet site:

I obtained dropbox to function and also every little thing is great. I developed a symlink to the dropboxd documents to my ~/. kde4/AUtostart, yet does not function.

The command line I made use of to create the symlink is: ln - s ~/. dropbox - dist/dropdoxd ~/. kde4/Autostart/

I've examine the symlink itself to see where it "pointed to" in it is buildings, and also it was the appropriate documents. The drobox - dist folder remains in my/ home/"username", and also the dropboxd does function. I've attempted making use of "sudo ln - s ~/. dropbox - dist/dropdoxd ~/. kde4/Autostart/" yet no symlink was developed.

I've examined various other blog sites and also they all claim the very same points to make dropbox to autostart up, yet it is not functioning.

Does any person recognize what is incorrect?

2022-06-07 14:42:48
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Which variation of KDE 4 are you making use of? OpenSUSE 11.1 makes use of KDE4.1, and also if you've been updating after that you will certainly be having actually KDE 4.2 mounted, which suggests the symlink you did will not be conjured up. Open Dolphin & browse to


And checklist all the directory sites under it.I assume for KDE 4.x, there will certainly be a different directory site.

2022-06-07 16:11:27