Does Snow Leopard increase the maximum amounts of RAM on MacBook Pros?

Now that Snow Leopard brings 64 - little bit computer to MacBook Pros with Core 2 Duos, does this increase the maximum quantities of ram that can be mounted?

I presently have 4GB of RAM in my MBP 3,1 - could I make use of extra ram if I ran the MBP in 64 - little bit kernel setting?

2022-06-07 14:42:57
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No, you currently can make use of greater than 4 GB ram with a 32 - little bit kernel that makes use of Physical Address Extension (PAE) (Mac OS X is bit does). Nonetheless, there are numerous various other benefits of a 64 - little bit kernel. Among them being that far more memory can be made use of for bit caches as a result of the bigger (bit) address room.

2022-06-08 01:55:45

It can yet you are still restricted to your chipset. My MBP is restricted to 3GB absolutely nothing 10.6 can do concerning that.

2022-06-07 15:15:11

A 64 - little bit kernel can access extra RAM without making use of Physical Address Extension (PAE), and also permit procedures to make use of greater than 4GB of real memory without needing to map several of it right into digital memory. So no, it does not in fact increase the maximum quantity of RAM you can make use of in a MacBook Pro. A Mac Pro or an Xserve it does to a factor (32GB. More than 32GB and also you'll intend to make use of the 64 - little bit kernel)

If your MacBook Pro literally sustained greater than 4GB of RAM both Leopard and also Snow Leopard would certainly have the ability to see it. According to MacTracker your motherboard in fact sustains approximately 6GB of RAM as opposed to the 4GB maximum Apple claims it does.

2022-06-07 15:15:04

There are 2 restrictions:

  • Hardware restriction. This is the quantity of memory which the hardware can take care of. However 10.6 can not upgrade your hardware.

  • Software program restriction. The upgrade to 10.6 will certainly permit the os to accessibility even more of the memory which your hardware can give, yet if your hardware can not take care of the ram, after that neither can your os.

2022-06-07 14:50:47