sshfs equivalent for windows?

At my college, I intend to have the ability to set up a documents - web server in my area. The only permitted ports/protocols are SSH and also RDP. All others are obstructed.

I can set up the web server simply great, and also connect to it with Linux, yet can not locate a sufficient means to do it under Windows.

Under Ubuntu I make use of sshfs to place a documents system via ssh. I intend to do the very same under Windows. I can make use of something like Filezilla and also do a SFTP link (which does job). Yet I was wanting to get something that incorporates right into the covering.

I located something called Dokan, which resembles FUSE for Linux and also has a sshfs component. The sshfs component would not install, asserting that the Dokan collection was not mounted (it was). This was done on an examination VM of Windows7.

Any kind of suggestions? Ideally remedies would certainly work on Windows 7, with Vista and also XP being an incentive.

2022-06-07 14:43:01
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I make use of ExpanDrive ( for this type of point, and also like it, yet it is not free. ($ 39.95 for a solitary customer certificate.)

2022-06-07 14:50:42

I assume you can tunnel windows file sharing over ssh with putty like so, or any kind of documents system for that issue.

2022-06-07 14:49:56