'Documents & Settings' On another Drive?

Ok, this resembles a few other inquiries on this website, yet none go this much.

What I would love to do is entirely relocate the 'Documents and also Settings' folder to an additional drive. The factor for this is that I utilize my laptop computer and also a couple of desktop computers in the house and also would love to have a smooth account throughout all equipments. What I would love to do is have the whole Documents and also Settings folder on a networked drive. In this way application - details setups will certainly come on all equipments along with my information.

What I have currently is a manuscript that integrates my application information and also records folders in between every one of the equipments based upon the alteration day of documents. As opposed to replicating the information, I would certainly like them all to watch the very same documents straight.

Occasionally I will certainly be functioning upstairs, after that relocate downstairs and also would love to be working with the very same point I was working with in the past.

Many thanks for any kind of input.

2022-06-07 14:43:03
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The ideal you can do is have a Windows Domain Controller (or something comparable), and also strolling accounts. Nonetheless, if you utilize your laptop computer beyond the residence, you would certainly have minimal accessibility to anything on the computer system with this arrangement. At least I think the laptop computer would certainly need to by hand sync. I directly do not see the trouble with your existing, probably functioning, system.

2022-06-07 15:15:31

It needs to function. That is what we contend job ; the Documents & Settings folder gets on a network drive. I can most likely to any kind of computer system and also simply continue functioning.

Why not attempt to relocate the folder and also see what takes place ; you can read a little bit concerning just how to do it here.

Edit : Joshua is right, the link just described the My Documents folder. After excavating around a little bit, I located a way to actually relocate the entire Documents & Settings folder ; it appears a little bit complicated, entailing a great deal of computer system registry editing and enhancing, yet possibly it will certainly aid you.

2022-06-07 15:15:27