Just how do you establish the financial value of a well-known domain name/ internet site?

I have some domains that I've been constructing for the last couple of years and also currently I would certainly such as to market them. I attempted numerous solutions (consisting of Sedo) to attempt and also identify simply just how much loan each domain name deserved, yet not one solution concurred with any kind of various other solution's analysis.

I do not intend to market myself short, yet I do not intend to make the asking rate unacceptable.

Exists a formula to establish this, based upon ranking/ website traffic/ etc? I recognize it can not be a specific scientific research, yet I would certainly such as to make certain that I'm not marketing myself short. In addition, I would certainly such as to have the ability to inform if I'm paying to a lot for a domain name if I intend to acquire one in the future.

2019-05-04 02:32:27
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You can have a look at websites like http://flippa.com/ where individuals are dealing internet sites. There you can look for comparable internet sites like your own and also see what rate they have actually been cost.

2019-05-09 09:54:11

The spur-of-the moment solution is "it's worth whatever a person agrees to pay." I'm not attempting to appear purposeless, yet it's the fact.

The rates of a domain is SO subjective. It's like attempting to set a rate for that image of an unusual spacecraf you took. A person might or might not pay anywhere from $0 to $millions.

There are domain name evaluation firms that will certainly attempt to use a formula along the lines of :

X variety of letters + thesaurus incentive + sounds-cool fudge variable = $YOUR-RICH!

... but also for one of the most component, these are rip-offs. The trouble with attempting to set a dealt with value (the magic, maximum rate where something will certainly market ) is that the marketplace is not even close to liquid. There's merely no "directory" of domain values that will certainly inform you what a person need to agree to pay.

What that suggests to you is that, till a person agrees to write you a check, your domain is worth specifically $ZERO.

2019-05-07 21:00:37

I recommend if you intend to do this, installed a standard HTML web page at the origin of the domain name that claims something like ...

This domain name is offer for sale. I am not a domain name squatter, simply a specific seeking a reasonable rate. Email me with a practical deal if you are interested.

name @example.com

Having acquired one rather pricey domain (superuser.com ) and also having actually bought from bowing companies prior to (stackoverflow.com was $1100 approximately ), I can inform you I would certainly be much more probable to supply to acquire a domain name from a person that resembles an actual, sensible individual that simply desires a reasonable rate for their domain name.

That claimed, you might need to be really patient till the appropriate significant customer comes. Yet till that "I'm interested in marketing" web page is around, you'll never ever recognize.

2019-05-07 20:48:20