Dead-simple PHP/MySQL blog writing device?

I require an actually straightforward remedy to construct a one-person blog on a common host: When the customer intends to create/edit a blog access, he calls a PHP manuscript on the web server which will certainly ... 1. conserve the raw write-up right into MySQL 2. incorporate the write-up with a layout to transform it onto a full HTML web page that will certainly be reduced the filesystem 3. restore the homepage in HTML and also wait on the filesystem

In this way, the PHP component will certainly be really standard, and also the web server will certainly offer fixed HTML web pages without the fine of ever before calling the PHP interpreter.

I'm certain there are applications like that around, yet all I can locate are full-fledged CMS's like WordPress, TextPattern, and so on that are means also feature-rich wherefore I require.

Keep in mind that I do desire a self-hosted, open-source application, not an account with eg. Blog owner.

Does a person recognize of applications that would certainly pay the bill?


2019-05-07 01:06:51
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Blosxom.PHP appears to be something like that, other than it does not make use of a data source.

2019-05-08 21:11:09

Have you considered Pivot? I'm not exactly sure if it certifies given that it makes use of level documents (as opposed to mySQL) and also it isn't specifically "dead - straightforward" yet it's worth offering a shot.

2019-05-08 21:09:11

The base installment of WordPress IS dead simple to make use of.

  • You just add plugins as you require them.
  • You can make use of a plugin to cache all the web pages (I can not remember it's feasible this is also a typical attribute).
  • Besides caching the web pages you'll have "rather links" which are necessary for SEO
  • You can install a Markdown plugin if you intend to modify blog posts in message setting and also disable all the "RichText" UI.

I've arrangement a WordPress website as a volunteer work for a company in India whose "non earnings just" host was shared and also had a 100MB restriction. WordPress just made use of 10% of that room. Besides, with WordPress plugins it was very easy to include photos from Picasa or Flickr, to make sure that you can conserve up a great deal of room by yourself web server.

I might have assumed along the very same lines prior to I did this work, yet after that I learnt more about WordPress and also understood just how lovely the admin was and also simply exactly how very easy it is to "hack" in your layout/css/html. I assume you'll conserve on your own substantial time on the long-term to go straight with something like WordPress.

When it comes to Posterous I utilized it throughout my journey abroad and also am currently throughly unsure. You will certainly usually intend to make an improvement after sending your "blog post" by e-mail, also if just to deal with a tiny typo. Currently you need to make use of the Posterous abundant full-screen editor, to make sure that defeats the objective of sending your blog post by e-mail. Their internet site is exceptionally slow-moving for me. If you're abroad you'll locate filling the billions of javascript make editing and enhancing the blog posts an actual discomfort. Yes, Posterous makes a wonderful image gallery for you yet after that you can do the very same really conveniently with a plugin in WordPress. The default motif on Posterous does not also show up to show the archives. On the major web page it will certainly load all your current blog posts completely, consisting of the image galleries. Accessing my blog on Posterous was constantly slow-moving.

2019-05-08 17:25:54

If you're seeking something REALLY straightforward, you can attempt Posterous. You primarily send it an e-mail and also it transforms the e-mail right into a post. It can additionally be set up to make sure that it seems organized at any kind of domain name you desire.

2019-05-08 13:43:15

I assume the posterous solutions is the appropriate one for a dead straightforward remedy. Nonetheless if you desire a php/ mysql remedy that you can install on your web server

I recommend you attempt What they do is they have actually mounted demo variations of all the CMS that are php/mysql you can attempt them without you requiring to install. and also every hr they clear all the experiments and also arrangement a new fresh installment.

This is the group for Blog

  • Finally I directly favor Habari over WordPress
2019-05-08 13:09:18