How can I compile the CIFS filesystem for a DLINK DNS-323 box?

How can I find/compile/install the CIFS filesystem for a DLINK DNS - 323 box?

Upgraded : for included quality: the CIFS component is no place to be located. To start with, I require a sign regarding just how I can acquire this component and also second of all just how to compile & install the claimed component on my DNS - 323.

Updated2 : I am running firmware variation 1.07.

2022-06-07 15:15:38
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So the inquiry is "how do I enable CIFS/mount these remote CIFS shares on my DNS - 323", and also the tool is running a mini - linux system.

Below is a standard guide on making use of CIFS in general Unix customers. CIFS is consisted of in the linux kernel as a vehicle driver, and also can be constructed as a component or assembled right into the kernel itself.

You can attempt searching for or assembling a component for your existing kernel, or constructing your very own kernel to install by reflashing the tool. The first is much more secure, so I would certainly attempt that unless you are experienced at this type of point.

  • Below is one discussion forum blog post reviewing module compilation for that tool ; it connects to a directory site of prebuild modules. The one you desire relies on your firmware, yet there is a CIFS module for the 1.03 firmware. You additionally desire the SMBFS module as a contingency (it is an older vehicle driver and also might function if the CIFS vehicle driver falls short).

  • Below is just how to put together a cross-compiling environment for recompiling the kernel and also constructing your very own components. If you can not locate components constructed for your firmware variation, this is the next - most convenient course to take.

  • Below is some product on changing the supply firmware with your own Debian-based system. This is the one that can block your tool if you aren't mindful, so if CIFS is all you require, attempt the component strategy first.

Update : There is some indication that components assembled for firmware 1.03 will certainly collaborate with firmware 1.07. I linked to the firmware 1.03 module previously.

Actually, this thread consists of CIFS components assembled versus the 1.06 firmware, so those components are possibly better. An additional string specifically states the cifs.1.50.ko collaborates with the 1.07 firmware.

Below is the procedure:

# insert the module you've downloaded and copied to an accessible filesystem
insmod /path/to/cifs.1.50.ko

# make your mountpoint
mkdir /mnt/sharename

# mount -- use /bin/mount for detailed messages
/bin/mount -t cifs //server/sharename /mnt/sharename -o username=username,password=password

This thinks a currently - functioning telnet or SSH user interface, such as that given by the Fonz Fun Plug manuscripts.

If this functions, you'll require to change your start-up manuscripts to insert the component at boot time. You can after that add the place to /etc/fstab if you desire them to constantly be instantly placed.

2022-06-08 22:14:22