Where are the Unity Launcher .desktop files?

I would certainly such as to recognize which folder the Unity Launcher.desktop documents are saved in, as they are not any longer in /.gconf/desktop and also I require to add a personalized application to the launcher bar (including it in /usr/share/applications does not appear to be adequate).

Where are the Unity Launcher.desktop documents?

2022-06-07 15:15:45
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Unity 2D looks for.desktop documents in the /usr/share/applications directory site. This can be located by utilizing the adhering to in the Terminal:

locate firefox.desktop

For me it functioned by including among the launchers that was currently there (eg. gimp.desktop ) making use of the adhering to in the Terminal


to add an access to the faves checklist under desktop/unity-2d/launcher.

2022-06-08 20:58:21

I in fact located a solution myself! It is essential to create an access in alacarte. To tailor-make the symbol you have to by hand modify the symbol once more from alacarte.

2022-06-07 19:11:45

cd ~/.local/share/applications is the 1st area that is search in.

Instances from my directory site that I made use of to add quicklists:

~/.local/share/applications$ ls
banshee.desktop           gnome-terminal.desktop
chromium-browser.desktop  mimeapps.list
firefox.desktop           nautilus-home.desktop
gedit.desktop             ubuntu-software-center.desktop
2022-06-07 15:48:30

Globally in


Locally in


If you intend to add a personalized launcher, create it in ~/.local/share/applications, make it executable, drag and also drop it on the launcher *, and also ultimately pin it (appropriate - click the launcher thing → Keep In Launcher ).

* Opening it making use of Nautilus does not appear to do the method.

2022-06-07 15:38:44