What files and directories can be excluded from a backup of the home directory?

Duplicity does currently a wonderful work of making reliable back-ups, yet I desire still to decrease the quantity of documents being back - upped.

What documents or directory sites can be left out in a residence directory site? Please call these clearly, wildcards permitted, courses are about the residence directory site.

2022-06-07 15:15:49
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Good inquiry. I such as these - - where we can collect area input/lists and also cherry choice pertinent things. Below is my .exclude documents. I feed this documents to rsync as an --exclude-file= parameter in numerous manuscripts (which you can additionally perform with duplicity ). Keep in mind that the inquiry indicates "what do you want/need to save". As an example, I backup my full .mozilla DIR as it has numerous accounts and also tweaks and also it is less complicated to unload it back on disk in its entirety. Additionally indicated in my config: I do a great deal of "build from scratch installs" for screening. So I have a clonezilla photo of a well-known - excellent - tidy - base install, and also I include my individual (/ residence) information saved on USB after it gets on disk ; occasionally uniquely, occasionally in its entirety.

# Filename: admin/dotfiles/exclude
# Create Date: 20110307-23:36HRS
# ln -s admin/dotfiles/exclude ~/.exclude

.compiz # no settings here; processes
.dropbox # don't try to restore and reinitialize either of
.dropbox-dist # these DIRs; very messy results can happen
.gnome2_private # MT; at least on my system
Dropbox/ # recreated on re-initialization
Templates/ # stored on U1
Ubuntu One/ # recreated on re-initialization
2022-06-07 16:15:38

Most of these documents and also directory sites are recreated if missing out on. They are primarily planned for decreasing the start-up time of an application (Firefox expansions cache), showing locks (.gksu.lock), or having session - details details (as an example ID of dbus session). Current records adjustments regularly and also is usually not that reasonable to backup.

These directory sites might be left out:

.gvfs                           # contains mounted file systems?
.Private                        # contains the actual encrypted home directory
.dbus                           # session-specific
.Trash                          # do I need to say more?
.cddb                           # cached info about audio CDs
.aptitude                       # cached packages lists

Flash - details:

.adobe        # Cache for flash, maybe others?
.macromedia   # except for Flash persistence, there is no reason to keep this


.xsession-errors            # contains errors from the current graphical session
.recently-used              # recently used files
.Xauthority                 # session-specific
.pulse                      # directory

KDE details:

.kde/share/apps/RecentDocuments # Recent documents on KDE
.kde/share/apps/klipper         # Contains a history of the Klipper clipboard (KDE)
.kde/share/apps/okular/docdata  # you will loose saved scrolling positions of PDFs
.kde/share/apps/kmess/displaypics  # cached other users' profile pics
.kde/share/apps/kmess/customemoticons  # cached emoticons of others

Firefox - details (see additionally Profile folder):

.mozilla/firefox/*/minidumps    # in case Fx crashes dumps will be stored in this
.mozilla/firefox/*/.parentlock       # session-specific           
.mozilla/firefox/*/urlclassifier3.sqlite  # phishing database, recreated
.mozilla/firefox/*/blocklist.xml   # blacklisted extensions
.mozilla/firefox/*/extensions.sqlite  # extension database, recreated on startup
.mozilla/firefox/*/XUL.mfasl     # cached UI data, recreated

Opera - details (relevant inquiry on Superuser.com: Is documentation available on files and directories in the Opera profile folder?):


Komodo Edit:

.komodoedit/*/XRE/.activatestate/komodo edit/Crash Reports
.komodoedit/*/XRE/.activatestate/komodo edit/*/Cache
.komodoedit/*/XRE/.activatestate/komodo edit/*/minidump



Google Chrome:

.config/google-chrome/Default/Local Storage
.config/google-chrome/Default/Session Storage
.config/google-chrome/Default/Application Cache
.config/google-chrome/Default/History Index *

Other applications:

.pulse/icons                  # Pidgin
.java/deployment/cache        # Cached applets
.dropbox                      # to avoid problems, let Dropbox re-create these
2022-06-07 16:01:03