Setting up NFS client shows "local domain name not set" error

I'm having problem setting up the equipment to make use of nfs. I have actually mounted autofs, and also attempted to configure it. Yet the trouble is that the configuration I make use of on OpenSuSe equipments isn't functioning.

First trouble was an absent line in nsswitch.conf:

I included the line: automount: nis files

But currently I get this:

automount[2285]: lookup_init:136: lookup(yp): map auto.master: Local domain name not set

This is a neighborhood network arrangement, consequently I'm entirely perplexed by this mistake. Why should nfs customer call for a domain?

2022-06-07 15:15:56
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Answers: 1

I dealt with the trouble by implementing hostname computer_name. I actually have no suggestion why this had not been set up throughout installation.

2022-06-07 15:51:33