Has anyone else experienced page fault crashes with Snow Leopard on MacBook Pro?

I acquired a Macbook Pro computer system on Sept 3rd from MacMall. As I was utilizing it to find out Snow Leopard (this is my first Mac, I am a long period of time Windows programmer), it would certainly crash each or 2 hrs. After calling Apple assistance, I dropped it off at the Apple store for analysis screening and also fixing. WhenI grabbed the computer system from Apple, they informed me that it did not crash while they had it. They believed a software program trouble, so they had actually done a fresh install of Snow Leopard for me.

In the house I experienced the start up procedure with the freshly mounted Snow Leopard. After that I downloaded and install the apple iphone SDK, and also the computer system collapsed once more while I was away awaiting the download to end up. I was making use of a USB computer mouse, which was the only tool affixed. Nothing else software program mounted.

I existed with a dump that states terms like "panic", Kernel trap", and also "page fault". Does any person have any kind of suggestion what this trouble could be? I actually can not utilize this MacBook under these conditions.

2022-06-07 15:16:00
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Personally, I would certainly simply take it back under service warranty - plainly seems like a memory mistake to me.

After Googling for you I located memtestosx, yet I can not advise it as I have actually never ever utilized it. You actually intend to do a complete memory examination.

2022-06-07 16:06:46

I obtained a grey screen with a black dialog box having white message claiming to reactivate in 5 languages. I really did not recognize just how to get a documents to conserve, so I obtained a screen shot, which I had the ability to replicate to my Dell. You can watch it below:

enter image description here

2022-06-07 15:57:37

I had this trouble as soon as on my 2006 MBP - it became one stick of damaged RAM. Exchanged it out and also every little thing was excellent to go.

I recommend you do a memory examination making use of Apple Hardware Test (insert your SL boot CD, reactivate, and also hold back D) and also examine your RAM for mistakes.

See Apple is web page for Hardware Test.

Conversely, remove one stick of RAM at once (alternative the RAM sticks) and also see if your trouble lingers. If by getting rid of one stick of RAM, your system maintains, opportunities are that that certain stick of RAM is damaged.

2022-06-07 15:41:01

This most definitely seems like an equipment concern. Can be a buggy vehicle driver, yet a fresh reinstall needs to have dealt with that. My mac resisted every couple of hrs when I made use of a free iSCSI vehicle driver.

The mac generally leaves a crash record of some type, that you reach see when you reboot. In my instance I had the ability to see that it was the iSCSI vehicle driver that created the crash. Probably you can locate some details from that too.

I have actually had USB peripherals that made any kind of device they were put right into crash, so I would certainly start by changing or separating the USB computer mouse. Running diagnostics that examine the RAM, HDD and also video clip card is an excellent suggestion additionally.

Nonetheless, given that it is a brand name - new Mac that you pay a substantial costs for due to the fact that they "just work", I would not throw away much time repairing it. If it collapses with no peripherals or added vehicle drivers mounted, I would certainly return it for a various one.

2022-06-07 15:40:50

If you include among those records in your inquiry we can attempt and also aid regarding why a details program is collapsing. Without a record regarding which program (it seems like a program and also not the OS is collapsing) is collapsing we can not be much aid.

If it is the computer system kernel panicing (a grey screen with white message will certainly claim to reactivate your computer system in 4 languages) after that it is handy to see the result of the panic log.

2022-06-07 15:39:26