Google Groups layout problem

I have this weird trouble when surfing Google Groups. The sidebar, the one presenting the numerous food selection alternatives, like Home , Discussions , Pages , is provided on the left side of the web page in addition to the seminar room.

Below is a photo extracted from FireFox (variation 3.5.2). I have actually experienced the very same troubles with various other internet browsers numerous times too, yet FireFox is my major internet browser and also it is actually damaged there.

2022-06-07 15:16:02
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Based on the screenshot you gave and also the web content of the advertisements, my hunch would certainly be that the trouble is within the RTL - discovery reasoning of either Firefox or the Google Groups web page. If you have actually defined Hebrew on top of the approved languages in Firefox, that is most likely the wrongdoer. You can attempt placing English on top to see if that solutions the trouble.

Please note : I do not make use of Firefox in all, so the above is based totally on my monitoring of the actions of various other internet browsers and also basic globalization/localization expertise, YMMV: -)

2022-06-07 15:38:55