Changing Windows Vista default keyboard shortcuts

I needed to know just how to disable the faster way Win+Space (that brings the Vista Sidebar to the front)

I intend to transform this key-board faster way as I'm made use of to having actually Launchy readied to that faster way and also Launchy will certainly n`t allow me make use of that faster way as it advises me that it is bound to an additional application.

So, does any person recognize just how to transform the keyboard shortcuts for the sidebar? After much googling I have not had the ability to locate any kind of details.

Edit: Is it feasible to do this without an exterior program? Possibly modify the computer system registry or something?

Many thanks.

2022-06-07 15:16:07
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Answers: 1

AutoHotKey - a free key-board macro program.

AutoHotKey will certainly additionally permit you to bypass Windows default hotkeys.

Tutorial: Windows Hot Keys with AutoHotKey (incl. arrangement documents)

2022-06-07 15:44:25