How to hide sub-menu from Applications menu remotely?

How can I remove the Games sub - food selection from the Applications food selection from another location? I do not intend to remove it entirely, I simply do not intend to show it in the Applications food selection. To make sure that I can change it back if I require it once more. I intend to remove it from greater than 200 ubuntu PCs, that is why I would certainly favor a remote method for doing this job.

2022-06-07 15:16:09
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Edit /usr/share/desktop-directories/ and also add a NoDisplay=true line.

This will certainly hide the Games group (and also all of the video games) from the default food selection. Specific customers will certainly have the ability to re - enable the group in alacarte if they so pick.

2022-06-07 16:04:58
  1. Right click your Application switch on the panel, select Edit Menus
  2. Click on Applications, it is the really first thing on the left side
  3. On the appropriate side, uncheck the Game thing

You are done.

If you intend to do this from another location for 200 computer systems, have a look at


I looked extra meticulously in the documents over, so primarily if you remove the area from

<!-- Games -->
<!-- End Games -->

save it in an additional documents, and afterwards you can exchange the documents from another location. You can possibly complete this.

2022-06-07 15:41:53