want to view downloaded programs on my laptop

I have a laptop computer completely affixed to my television. The laptop computer gets on the very same residence network, attached wirelessly to the desktop computer where I download my gushes. Today the fastest means for me to see something is to replicate it to a USB drive and afterwards connect it to the laptop computer.

I need to know if there is an excellent way to simply see documents over the residence network. Today it simply appears really slow-moving and also also replicating documents appears to be a discomfort.

[Modify ] I make use of Windows XP Pro and also VLC gamer. I have a 802.11g network.

2022-06-07 15:16:20
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What OS and also media gamer? The means some gamers (MS Media Player) barrier do not appear to function well on slower web links, despite the fact that they "should" Try VLC and also see if that aids in all. Might not be the remedy you are seeking yet you can determine if it is a network concern or otherwise

2022-06-07 16:10:30

You can attempt readjusting the barrier dimension for whatever gamer you make use of when streaming over the network. Raising the barrier will certainly create a hold-up when beginning it up yet will certainly ravel several of the lag brought on by the network.

2022-06-07 16:06:47

Upgrading your network is the most basic and also ideal means - for cordless streaming of video clips, most of the times the 802.11g transmission capacity merely can not suffice, specifically if you are managing HD web content.

In order of choice, you need to attempt:

  1. Upgrading your network to complete wired Gigabit ethernet
  2. Upgrading your network to complete wired 100mbps ethernet
  3. Upgrading your network to complete 802.11n cordless
  4. Try powerline networking e.g from Netgear
  5. Connecting your desktop computer to the cordless router with wired Ethernet

P.S I'm thinking you are running an 802.11g cordless network.

2022-06-07 15:39:58

This appears comparable to my residence arrangement. I have a directory site on my computer (running Ubuntu) that I share on the neighborhood connect with Samba. I after that accessibility that shared folder making use of the laptop computer downstairs (running XP) the like if it were a neighborhood folder. Need to function the very same with a Windows box doing the sharing, simply set the sharing buildings on the folder (s) concerned.

2022-06-07 15:39:38

all of it relies on the top quality of the video clip and also the rate of your cordless network link.

cordless networks are not actually ideal for excellent quality media streaming. if your laptop computer has a Wireless N controller, updating your router to Wireless N might aid yet inevitably you might intend to make use of a wired gigabit network link.

2022-06-07 15:39:35