Restoration trainer dead at the college of winterhold. Where can I now buy higher level spells?

So the reconstruction instructor at the university of winterhold, Colette Marence, is gone. I do not assume I eliminated her myself, yet she is gone, and also I have actually been attempting to await her. I've currently looked the university, and also there is one bed in the hall of sanction that does' t have the standing "Owned".

Thinking that the personality is dead, and also she apparently is the only one that teaches higher level restoration spells, where can I get them after that?

2022-06-07 15:16:29
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Colette Marence FOUND: I had this trouble also so i though back to the last time i saw her which got on the bridge in the Eye of Magnus. So after a little discovering under the bridge with identify life i located her blue mood stuck attempting to stroll back to the university yet stuck in between a set of huge rocks. It appears that when she is attempting to surpass the safety ward she can in fact escape the bridge if you do not ascertain quickly sufficient.

If this holds true she can be released by utilizing ruthless pressure, by pressing her much adequate in the direction of the community (not the university) she will at some point grab the course back to regular life.

Provided this might not be the solution for every instance yet it was mine and also i had the ability to end up the pursuits for reconstruction. I wish it aids.

2022-06-08 06:23:57

So, I'm rather certain she is not dead.

Unless you've currently finished the Restoration Ritual Spell Quest (and also obtained both highest degree spells from her), she needs to be flagged as Essential. That is to claim, she needs to be unkillable. I recognize that I've been attempting to for the previous 10 mins, and also while she mosts likely to her knees periodically, she JUST, WILL, NOT, DIE

So, what this suggests is just one of 2 points. Either you've been struck by yet an additional renowned Elder Scrolls Bug, and also she is failed the globe or otherwise despawned. While this is not difficult , I would certainly identify it as rather not likely.

More probable, is the reality that she, and also all the various other university mages, stray around rather frequently, and also do not actually maintain to a 'timetable' the means most NPC is do. I as soon as went weeks in video game without having the ability to locate the Illusion instructor, as an example. There are 2 unowned beds in the Tower of Countenance. They do not come from any person. It is not the bed that made use of to be Collete's.

Regarding where else you can get high degree Restoration Spells, you'll locate them arbitrarily as leveled loot as you journey - specifically in Necromancer and also Vampire burrows - though you'll never ever have the ability to get to the last 2 spells without finishing the Ritual Spell pursuit, for which Collette is called for.

2022-06-07 15:51:45