What are some compact algorithms for generating interesting time series data?

The inquiry type of claims all of it.

Whether it is for code screening objectives, or you are modeling an actual - globe procedure, or you are attempting to excite an enjoyed one, what are some formulas that individuals make use of to create intriguing time series information? Exist any kind of excellent sources around with a combined checklist? No restraints on values (other than plus or minus infinity) or measurements, yet I'm seeking instances that individuals have actually located valuable or amazing in technique.

Incentive factors for avaricious and also legible code examples.

2022-06-07 15:16:31
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Try the sort of reappearances that can offer otherwise straightforward or disorderly collection based upon the component of their stage rooms you discover: the most basic I can consider is the logistic map x (n+1) = r * x (n) * (1 - x (n) ). With r approx. 3.57 you get disorderly outcomes that rely on the first factor.

If you chart this versus time you can get great deals of various collection simply by adjusting that parameter r. If you were to chart it as x (n+1) v. x (n) without attaching dots, you see a straightforward parabola form with time.

This is just one of one of the most standard features from disorder concept and also attempting even more intriguing polynomials, graphing them as x (n+1) v. x (n) and also seeing a shape kind, and afterwards graphing x (n) v. n is an enjoyable and also intriguing means to create collection.

Graphing x (n+1) v. x (n) makes it promptly noticeable if you are just seeing a handful of factors. Much deeper reappearances come to be extra intriguing too, and also making use of various values of x (0) to examine level of sensitivity to first problems is additionally of passion.

But also for simpleness, control by a solitary parameter, and also capacity to locate something to review your reappearance, it'll be tough to defeat the logistic map.

I advise: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Logistic_map. It has a wonderful summary of what to get out of various values of r.

2022-06-08 02:15:26

There are a lots of PRN generators around, and also you can constantly get free random bits, or perhaps acquire them on CD or DVD.

I've made use of straightforward sine wave generators blended along with some stage and also amplitude sound included to get signals that appear and also look intriguing to human beings when executed audio speakers or lights, yet I do not recognize what you suggest by intriguing.

There are means to create information that looks intriguing in a graph kind, yet that would certainly be various than information made use of on a supply graph, and also neither would certainly make a wonderful "static" photo such as generated by an analog tv tuned to a null network.

You can make use of Conway is video game of life as a PRN, and also "listen" to cells (or run all the cells via a reasoning circuit) to get some intriguing time based signals.

It would certainly interest consider the chart of DB updates/inserts for Stackoverflow with time, and also you can extract that information.

There actually are boundless means to create an "interesting" time series information. Can you tighten the extent of your inquiry?

2022-06-07 17:14:00

Don't have a solution for the algorithm component yet you can see just how "realistic" your information is with Benford's law

2022-06-07 15:40:19