Exactly how good of a follower is Aranea Ienith? Is she worth foregoing the Black Star?

I understand that there are currently a selection of inquiries that question the efficiency of the Black Star versus Azura is Star, and also it is rather noticeable that the Black Star is better - - black heart treasures are rather uncommon, and also woefully expendable, yet possibilities to collect black hearts (which are all Grand) abound. Nonetheless, these do not appropriately resolve what I really feel is possibly the best advantage of the "Azura" side of the Black Star pursuit: the possibility to get Aranea Ienith (the Azura priestess) as your fan. From what I collect from the UESP wiki, Aranea is the toughest mage fan you can perhaps have. So, is Aranea+normal Azura is Star > Black Star?

As a shot in the dark, is it feasible to get both Aranea and also the Black Star?

2022-06-07 15:16:32
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I have actually located that Aranea is great. She responds promptly when it is required. she hardly ever enters your means. I currently have her outfitted with dawnguard armour and also she outfitted it quite possibly

2022-07-06 21:08:45

I picked the black celebrity one. I can conveniently get grand/souls by dark league pursuits and also it can additionally record white. On among my various other conserves, nonetheless, I picked Aranea. She is a respectable fan, yet not the most effective. I presently have an university of winter months hold individual, and also I'm rather sure he is the most effective. He degrees up also! Yet you need to have an extremely high degree devastation ability to get him.

2022-06-25 00:54:14

I concur with all that claimed Aranea is excellent and also does not enter your means regularly. I reached degree 55 in my previous personality, utilized her a whole lot. She obtains my thumbs up My existing personality is lvl 16 Redguard. I Married Lydia after shedding her with my first personality. So have once more tackled Aranea, she cares for your arse well

2022-06-10 12:12:02

I obtained the most effective from both globes. Chose Aranea and afterwards made use of the console to get The Black Star: player.additem 00063B29 1

To make use of The Black Star, merely market Azura is Star or placed in an upper body. There, predicament addressed.

2022-06-10 11:13:44

I'm a degree 53 currently therefore much I've had concerning 5 fans: Lydia, Aela (after that without delay back to Lydia ; Aela was dreadful), Aranea Ienith, Argis the Bullwark, and afterwards J'zargo because order.

Until now my ABSOLUTE fave has actually been Aranea. She never ever strolled right right into catches, she really did not adhere to also very closely behind, and also I never ever needed to bother with slapping her in fight due to the fact that she remained back. She was the ONLY one of my fans that can take care of a team of adversaries by herself without me requiring ahead complete them off for her. She has some rather effective lightning spells and also she would certainly also raise atronachs to assist.

In Skyrim, cash is SO very easy ahead by it is ludicrous. I recognize the black celebrity is an one-of-a-kind thing and also actually valuable, yet it is very easy sufficient to simply acquire loaded black or grand heart treasures. (pointer for any person: charming ANY tool with the Banish Daedra delight instantly makes it worth thousands, despite having a bad heart treasure. Most convenient means to generate income I ever before located, besides marital relationship.)

I would certainly take Aranea over the Black Star anytime. She was superb. The only factor I determined to go on was due to the fact that I desired some eliminates, today that Ancient dragons are showing up, I assume I desire her back. (J'zargo draws a lot, yet that is an entire various other subject )

Conclusion: Forego the Black celebrity and also get Aranea.

2022-06-09 15:39:14

I'm just doing this due to the fact that none of the solutions mirror specifically what I really feel is the correct reasoning behind the most effective strategy for any person at this time.

I wound up picking the Black Star over Aranea, and also I regret it. Not exceedingly, yet if I can return and also remodel the choice, I absolutely would. My reasoning:

Soul treasures are most definitely vital to playing properly at greater degrees. Typically, unenchanted tools do not suffice unless you are specifically a melee - type, and also also after that, they are generally much less reliable than their captivated equivalents. Clearly, after that, one requires a supply of heart treasures to restore their diminished captivated tools. Yet I've located that after getting the "Soul Squeezer" perk, which offers you far more "recharge" per heart treasure, greater degree hearts are generally excessive. I can reenergize most of the captivated tools I make use of consistently with just a Common Soul Gem ; Greaters are just hardly ever called for and also Grands virtually never ever. Hence, having a refillable Grand Soul Gem isn't actually essential at greater degrees from a restoring point ofview, due to the fact that Common Soul Gems are conveniently located in loot and also whatnot, and also loading them (or perhaps acquiring loaded ones) is rather very easy. In Fact, Soul Squeezer enhances up the recharge possibility of Petty Soul Gems sufficient that you can simply make use of concerning 5 or 6 of them to change a Common, and also searching for and also loading Petty Soul Gems is extremely very easy.

Accessibility to cash additionally variables right into the formula. After getting to a middling degree, having enough cash is hardly ever a concern. Acquiring loaded heart treasures is consequently a rather sensible approach.

That being claimed, I can see just how convenient the Black Star would certainly be if you are mosting likely to be doing a great deal of charming. I make use of primarily captivated tools I locate ; unless you have hugely high Enchanting (I do not), what you locate in the wild will certainly generally be far better than what you can make. At the end of the day, however, when I intend to create something, I'm mosting likely to intend to make use of a Grand Soul to make it-- it is mosting likely to be more powerful in this way. So if you are making points regularly, the Black Star is the means to go.

I do not challenge the reality that the Black Star, in regards to "fillability, " and also consequently usage, is lightyears in advance of Azura is Star. Human beings are much less complicated ahead by and also eliminate than mammoths. It is simply that as a type of battlemage (a mage that makes use of captivated melee tools, yet not specifically), I would certainly much instead have the toughest magic assistance personality in the video game than a nonexpendable Black Soul Gem. Every one of the melee fans I've had get in the means of my location - of - result spells, and also are usually a large problem to go questing with.

So, for those taking into consideration these choices: I would certainly claim that unless you intend to be doing a great deal of charming, select Aranea. It holds true that the Black Star is the only multiple-use Black Soul Gem in the video game, yet do not offer that too much weight. There are means to navigate not having it, manner ins which come as an all-natural effect of playing the video game. There are extremely less means to make up for Aranea: she loads a rather one-of-a-kind particular niche.

Last but not least, if you go to a reduced degree, do not make this choice: till you've gotten to at the very least a middling degree and also plainly separated your having fun design, pigeonholing on your own prematurely would be a negative suggestion. Mostly because, as a person mentioned, fans do not degree. And also, at reduced degrees, having Grand Soul Gems isn't really valuable - - you do not have actually the Enchanting called for to take advantage of them.

2022-06-08 14:14:11

Get one of the most fans as feasible. Cash? Little of alchemy and also acquire grand hearts loaded at the store. My cash circulation is a lot far better than the draining pipes of tools utilizings heart treasures. The Azura or Black celebrity is not essential in all. So pick azura to get an additional fan and also an added daedra artefact

2022-06-08 02:41:54

I make use of Aranea. She is respectable yet unworthy foregoing the Black Star. It is not that collecting non - humanoid Grand Souls is hard - - Mammoths are very easy adequate - - yet it eliminates you from normal dungeon - crawling. By comparison, there are perhaps far better friends than Aranea, like Aela (she is marriable, a seller, a pursuit - provider, crucial, etc). And also, if you resemble me, you obtained Aranea beforehand, and also fans do not degree.

The inquiry, incidentally, isn't whether Aranea+Azura is Star > Black Star, it is whether Aranea+Azura is Star > [any kind of fan ] +Black Star.

I would certainly claim no, although the selection is a little overhyped. It is just one heart, and also I'll generally have numerous others to load that do differentiate in between humanoid and also non - humanoid Grand Souls. Aranea behaves, yet so are several various other friends.

2022-06-07 16:39:59

I additionally make use of Aranea. And also I would not trade a Black Star for her. She is a human being! Well, a dark fairy, yet still

I play to generate income and also generally I market to every person around and also they still do not have adequate cash so I acquire their loaded Grand Soul treasures, I get the cash right back so they are properly free. I do not need to risk my life (or liberty) making eliminates to get hearts. And also I remove things from my supply. If ever before I'm "in the wild" I can make use of Azura is Star to load captivated things.

Plus Aranea is the most effective fan I've had. She does not stroll right into me regularly , block entrances and also triggered catches. And also she is stealthy and also has outstanding mage abilities.


2022-06-07 16:39:50

As a person that took the Black Star over the fan, I have no remorses. There are great deals of fans, and also I simply opened a person near Dawnstar that has magic with some experienced melee in a pinch. I can not visualize she is also near sufficing to outdo him and also the advantage of the Black Star over the vanilla Azura is Star.

On the factor of the Black Star not being a large bargain b/c it is just 1 heart: I utilize it for totally billing up every one of my captivated tools and also staves in an outlaw cavern. Simply utilize your binding method of selection on the first outlaw, quickly jump right into the food selection and also bill a thing to complete with the celebrity, after that eliminate the next outlaw. You get a whole lot extra billing for the initiative to eliminate an outlaw vs. making use of the white celebrity on wolves or crawlers or Falmer (last I attempted, they prevail degree white hearts).

And also clearly, it simply makes it that a lot easier to order a Grand heart for enchants, given that humanoids are a lot extra numerous and also very easy to eliminate than points like Mammoths and also Giants. If you are specifically disgusting, you can burglarize NPC residences during the night and also murder a person for a Grand heart if you remain in a pinch around.

2022-06-07 16:38:58