How can I join a computer to a new domain remotely?

I have a lot of PCs that are signed up with to domain name and also I intend to relocate them over to so they are no more a participant of Can I do this with a manuscript?

Many thanks

2022-06-07 15:16:56
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Sure point. The NETDOM energy is "your friend" in this instance. I've released a start-up manuscript in the "old domain" to create computer systems to disjoin their present domain name and also sign up with a new domain name.

Some docs on NETDOM are below:

You'll require to create a customer in the resource domain name and also location domain name with civil liberties to add/remove computer systems from the domain names for NETDOM to make use of.

NETDOM move %COMPUTERNAME% /d:NEWDOMAIN /ou:DN_of_destination_OU_in_new_domain /ud:admin_user_in_new_domain /pd:admin_pw_in_new_domain /uf:admin_user_in_old_domain /pf:admin_pw_in_old_domain /reboot

So, allow is claim that the new domain name is "", the computer system requires to enter into the "OU = Desktop, OU = Client Computers, DC = newdomain, DC = com" OU, the customer w/ civil liberties to remove comptuers from the old domain name is "oldadmin" (with the password P @ssw0rd), and also the customer with civil liberties to add the computer system to the new domain name is "newadmin" (with the password dr0wss @P).

NETDOM move / /ou:OU=Desktop,OU=Client Computers,DC=newdomain,DC=com /ud:newadmin /pd:[email protected] /uf:oldadmin /pf:[email protected] /reboot

BTW: If you intend to by force disjoin the computer system from its existing domain name w/o in fact speaking to a domain name controller there, drop me an e-mail. I have an energy that I've created (yet do not have it convenient now) to inform the computer system it is no more a participant of a domain name w/o speaking to the DCs because domain name. It fasts - and also - unclean, yet it functions if you require to get an equipment out of a domain name and also have neighborhood Administrator accessibility yet no domain name civil liberties heh heh

2022-06-07 15:51:47