Why does Classic Gnome desktop use unity-window-decorator?

I've just been starting right into timeless gnome desktop computer given that 11.04 and also given that updating to 11.04 I'm having dreadful window flickering and also what appears to virtually be gdm reactivating. Possibly it is not gdm reactivating yet what takes place is the desktop computer will certainly flicker, all windows from all work spaces will certainly involve the existing work space, usually all window decor will certainly be gone, artefacts, and also extremely rough window dragging.

Anyhow, does unity - window - designer have something to do with it? Is this compiz? Can I change it with another thing?

EDIT: I'm rather certain it has something to do with the buggy nvidia vehicle drivers. I recognize that the button to unity - window - designer is new in between 10.10 and also 11.04 so assumed it might be a concern also.

EDIT: For reference if it does have something to do with the vehicle drivers, I'm making use of nvidia - existing on -

product: G92 [GeForce 9800 GTX+]
vendor: nVidia Corporation

I run $compiz - - change & yet that does not repair it.

2022-06-07 15:16:58
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Unity - window - designer is most definitely not your trouble, as it is virtually the same to the gnome - window - designer. One of the most likely source of the trouble is that you (possibly) have buggy vehicle drivers (possibly as a result of your equipment, which you need to include in your inquiry incidentally), creating compiz to crash or reactivate. (By the means this is not gdm reactivating, that would certainly take your whole Xsession with it).

If you are rather persuaded (though I am not) that unity - window - designer is the trouble, you can transform the compiz window designer to gnome - window - designer in ccsm.

Additionally, you can attempt making use of metacity (you will certainly shed your results, yet at the very least it will certainly function) as opposed to compiz.

See this solution: How to Get nvidia driver working properly ( running experimental 3d support)

2022-06-07 15:39:45