Different Kernel in DomU than in Dom0 on xen

If my Dom0 on Xen is bit 2.6.18 with xen 3.3.1 can i boot a, claim, 2.6.34 bit in a DomU? History: 2.6.18 runs like a beauty on Dom0. Do not intend to upgrade below, due to the fact that there is unique Hardware on the Host (ISDN - Card, etc). Constructing a new bit with this Modules for Dom0 is discomfort!

Yet i intend to update some DomU is to a more recent Kernel

2022-06-07 15:17:05
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I'm not totally certain concerning PV, yet if you are making use of HVM you can absolutely have a various bit.

Regardless it is very easy to attempt. Shutdown the domU and also make a duplicate (or photo if you are making use of lvm) of the domU is disk photo. Transform it back on and also update the bit.

If anything does not function, simply change.

2022-06-07 16:11:16

Yes, it needs to generally function. (also for PVs). For PVs the XEN - variation had in the bit is more vital than the bit - variation itselv.

I have presently XEN 3.2.3 (SLES10 SP4) with PV DomU varying from SLES9 over CentOS 4, 5 to SLES11 SP1 (XEN 3.0 approximately XEN 4.0). A trouble simply emerges with RedHat 6 - yet that results from a new compress layout of the bit that SLES10 SP4 is unable to translate (it runs well as HVM or making use of SLES11 SP2 as Dom0).

2022-06-07 16:09:02