Need a remote desktop to a headless server without logging in first

I've been making use of Linux for years currently yet just to run web servers. Over the last couple of days I've been having problem with a technological / configuration concern which I wish a person can aid with. I've mounted / un - mounted several plans yet simply can not identify what the "right" means of doing this is.

The need appears straightforward

  • Server runs Ubuntu 10.04 with xubuntu and also SSH (I do NOT intend to connect any kind of screen, key-board or computer mouse to the server)
  • I have Windows 7 equipment with putty on it and also visiting to the server making use of SSH is great
  • I intend to run an xterminal session on my Windows equipment

Amongst things I've attempted is VNU yet I can not get it to function due to the fact that I think you need to login on the server first.

Many thanks beforehand

2022-06-07 15:17:06
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It is feasible to make use of VNC to connect to a server without visiting first, yet not with the default VNC arrangement that features Ubuntu Desktop.

Nomachine NX could be an excellent selection. It is an incurable server that persuades SSH and also gives you with high - rate remote X accessibility so you can run virtually any kind of GUI - application from an additional computer. It does not sustain 3D, so making use of points like Compiz, Gnome - covering or Unity does not function, yet the majority of various other things jobs. I've utilized it to run in an internet browser, as an example (which is actually fairly wonderful).

X2Go is an additional choice that makes use of Nomachines collections, yet is much better incorporated with Ubuntu, with PulseAudio assistance, etc If your customers are largely Windows based, after that Nomachine could be a far better selection, yet if you make use of Ubuntu on your customers, after that X2go is much better. X2go is entirely free software program, whereas Nomachine NX is shut resource, yet gives a gratis server that permits 2 various customers to access the server, restricted to 2 links at any kind of one-time.

You can locate X2go below: Nomachine:

There is additionally a 3rd choice: Xrdp. It had not been really fully grown the last time I utilized it, and also it appears to be inadequately recorded, yet it is intended to function quite possibly. The benefit of utilizing it, is that several systems come preinstalled with an RDP customer, so you do not need to install anything on the customer side.

If you intend on utilizing this thoroughly, after that I would certainly recommend you offer every one of them a shot and also see which fits ideal.

2022-06-08 06:31:57

Just install the essential needs just

sudo apt-get install xterm

Assuming you have some sort of X incurable emulator on windows (as an example Cygwin X), you can get in touch with ssh

# make sure DISPLAY is exported and set to the correct value)
ssh -X linuxhost xterm
2022-06-07 15:48:08