What are the soup to nuts installation requirements from WebSVN on Windows 2003?

I am attempting to set up WebSVN on a Windows 2003 Server which we'll connect w FogBugz. Pretty quickly I'm mounting PHP, Apache OR FastCGI OR neither, cygwin, Visual C+npls runtime, etc, reconfiguring IIS, transforming ini documents, reviewing 5 readme goes to as soon as and also massaging hen bones with each other. There is reached be a cleaner means?

2022-06-07 15:17:07
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The intricacy for this installation for a person as unskilled as myself are: 1. Attempting to get the complete pile (PHP, subversion, WebSVN) mounted and also running the very first time. 2. Learning the several just how - to is on the topic, consisting of the linked readme and also install.txt details. May of these actions are irregular with each various other and also several seem unneeded for the first set up.

I have actually located a fast means to rise and also ranging from scrape. Below is a synopsis of the actions.

  1. Install the BitNami.org WAPP pile (http://bitnami.org/stack/wappstack). This is a one - click means of obtaining PHP working on a Apache 2.2 internet server running Windows. You can make use of the PostgresSQL user interface to as an examination instance that it is running.

  2. Install the subversion for Apache 2.2 (http://subversion.tigris.org/servlets/ProjectDocumentList?folderID=8100)

  3. Follow the documents from tigris especially for apache2.2 on Windows to get the repository begun. Do not most likely to tip 4 till you can reach your repository from TortoiseSVN.

  4. Install WebSvn. Relocate the install directory site right into the subdirectory of the apache install within the Bitnami pile. Adhere to the install details within WebSvn with care. Take just the clearly crucial actions (like configging the courses).

Utilizing this strategy, I had the ability to get the entire point running in under a hr.

2022-06-08 15:22:52

Linux isn't that tough to find out, specifically if its on an inner network where you do not need to bother with security arrangement a lot (and also to be straightforward, security isn't that hard to find out either).

So I would not mark down making use of a linux server for this - consider the abilities you can grab and also make use of as the financial decline remains to attack

The most convenient means to proceed it on Windows is to install VisualSVN Server which features Apache mounted and also set up for a straightforward internet user interface.

To install WebSVN itself on Windows is very easy to - you require to install PHP and also a webserver. IIRC PHP was changed to run under IIS, so maybe equally as straightforward as mounting it and also allowing it set up IIS to run PHP manuscripts, after that mounting WebSVN right into a directory site. As its PHP it will certainly run as conveniently as any kind of various other manuscript documents (or less complicated than ASPX!)

From the inquiry however, it appears you are assuming this is a lot tougher than it in fact is, or you havn't obtained any kind of svn framework in position. If this holds true, select VisualSVN Server and also placed websvn in addition to the apache it mounts. If you have actually attempted and also fallen short to install, allow us recognize just how much you obtained so we can aid you better.

2022-06-08 04:56:22

We had comparable aggravations and also relocated to unfuddle. I assume a lot of the SVN devices you'll locate are suggested to work on linux I bear in mind looking for a far better internet user interface for SVN that had fun with Windows perfectly and also thinking of virtually absolutely nothing.

I questioned simply mounting Linux on a VM, yet understood that it really did not make good sense for us to have a non - Windows web server in our framework (we are a Windows store). So I determined to seek an organized alternative. I suched as unfuddle due to the fact that it had sort of a basecamp duplicate user interface, as well as additionally had ticket assistance for tiny tasks Fogbugz really did not make good sense for. There are a couple of various other excellent organized alternatives Springloops looks rather wonderful and also I assume they simply included the capacity to look the database, which serves.

2022-06-07 16:09:13