Is there a way to get the awesome robe enchantments on armor?

As a mage there are some wonderful garments around. I'm putting on:

Master's Robes of Destruction
  +150% Magika Regen
  -22% magika cost for Destruction

Pretty outstanding. Yet not putting on shield makes me unbelievably vunerable to melee strikes. I usually get one - hit eliminated.

Exists a means to get the outstanding delights of garments on shield? I have the delights yet they do not function so well on shield. If I up my Enchanting ability will they ever before be like garments?

2022-06-07 15:17:21
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Or you can level up captivating usage a remedy and also do strengthen (college) on upper body, head, ring, locket which college can be free. If you can place 2 delights on one thing you can have 2 free colleges of magic.

2022-06-08 04:31:23

Whether mistakenly or deliberately, the Fortify School and also Magicka Regen delight is 2nd result, the Magicka Regen, will certainly constantly continue to be minimal to 10%. (Fortify begins at 5%, and also rises with ability / rewards)

So I presume the inquiry actually is, which is the "awesome enchantments" you are attempting to enter the starting point? A straightforward means would certainly simply to be to make your means to 100 enchanting and also select the Extra Effect perk, which would certainly allow you use the Magicka Regen and also Fortify School delights to a solitary item, permitting both to scale generally.

Conversely, you might simply intend to maintain the Fortify School and also Magicka Regen in the meanwhile - nevertheless, the better the fortify, the much less the price on your spells (and also hence, the much less demand for regen!).

The large point to make note of is that charming with anything much less than a Grand Soul treasure will certainly gain you a fractional section of the possible size (I think minor heart treasures copulate to 1/12th the base size!).

Conversely, there is a less complex remedy to survival: invest even more degree - ups on wellness! Shield is extra reliable the extra wellness it needs to shield!

2022-06-07 15:50:03

As a mage around degree 30 you can cast ironflesh which offers 80 shield. With mage shield 2 around that degree it raises it to 200 shield.

You need to constantly be relocating and also not obtaining struck in all with melee.

With charming at 100, you have the ability to ultimately charm your very own equipment that goes beyond the Archmage Robes.

2022-06-07 15:49:25

You can not get Enchantment high sufficient to create those+150% bathrobes. Probably, it is a harmonizing variable to maintain wizards putting on bathrobes as opposed to residence - made hefty armour.

Nonetheless, with high adequate Enchantment, you can create 4 things that offer - 25% Magicka price. With each other, you will certainly have - 100% Magicka price and also all spells will certainly cast absolutely free.

2022-06-07 15:48:31

The formula for enchanting apparel is

net magnitude = base magnitude * soul multiplier * skill multiplier *
                (1 + Enchanter perk) * (1 + specific perk modifier)


skill multiplier = 1 + 0.3 * ((skill - 10) / 100) ^ 2.

Therefore, the maximum size (100 enchant, the ideal rewards,+32% Fortify Enchanting Potion) is:

skill multiplier = 1 + 0.3 * ((132 - 10) / 100) ^ 2 = 1.4465

net magnitude = base magnitude * 1 * 1.4465 * 2 * 1.25
              = base magnitude * 3.6163

Regen Magicka is base magnitude is 20% and also Fortify School is is 8%, to make sure that suggests at ideal you need to have the ability to add concerning 72% magicka regen or 29% fortify college to a solitary delight on one tool. With Extra Effect, you can add both to a headgear, shield and also ring, and also strengthen college to a locket, which brings you to +216% magicka regen and also+116% fortify college, on your selection of garments . That suggests you can get to the shield cap rather conveniently, which amounts to 85% damages decrease.

The most effective things you can find would certainly be something like the following:

Head: Morokei -+100% magicka regen (note that you would certainly need to replace this for Mage Armor rewards to function) ¢ Ring: Ring of Peerless [School ] -+25% fortify [college ] ¢ - or - Ring of Recovery -+100% magicka regen¢ Chest: Master Robes of [School ] -+150% magicka regen,+22% fortify [college ] ¢ Neck: Necklace of Peerless Magicka -+70 magicka (AFAICT lockets can be charmed with Fortify [School ] yet usually aren't located thus)

So with the above tools, you would certainly end up+44% (or+144%) extra magicka regen, - 69% (or - 94%) much less fortify college, and also+70% magicka and also virtually no shield ranking. That might look equivalent, specifically offered the tradeoffs in placing perk factors in charming or anything else. Yet take into consideration the following:

  • The actual advantages to armor come to be clear the extra you have . That is, each additional point in armor adds . With garments outfitted, you lose on perks like Custom Fit/Well Fitted, Matching Set also if you get the most effective feasible onslaughts and also boots
  • A college strengthened 100% (i.e. 0% magicka price) is far better than all the magicka regen around for that certain college. The majority of mages concentrate on just a couple of colleges, and also there are advantages to focusing
2022-06-07 15:46:09