Throttling network speed when copying files to SMB mounted NAS drive

I have a rather small Ubuntu box (Jaunty) running as a tiny webserver. Each evening i have a cron work which tar/gzip is necessary directory sites and also does a straightforward cp to replicate them over to a back-up NAS drive which has actually been SMB placed in your area (properly an "off - site" back-up)

The network link to package is 802.11G (54Mbps) so normally it is fairly slow-moving, yet the concern is that when the files are being replicated, the cordless transmission capacity in between the webserver and also the router is entirely filled by the duplicate procedure, and also internet - demands are either refuted or unbelievably slow-moving to react.

I've attempted making use of Trickle in standalone setting to strangle the duplicate procedure, yet this really did not show up to make any kind of distinction.

Any person have pointers or suggestions? I believe i require to run some kind of QoS on the web server yet absolutely have NFI. Was wishing for a very easy, silver - bullet remedy ;)

Thanks,. Xerxes

2022-06-07 15:17:21
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If feasible, make use of rsync. The majority of NAS give rsync solution nowadays, it is extra safe and secure than an smb share and also it permits you to strangle bandwith specifically. In addition, it will just move the distinctions betweeen your documents, instead that transfer every little thing every single time.

2022-06-07 17:19:33

There is a wput energy which functions the various other means from the extra well-known wget. ยข It can be made use of to post your files at a regulated price.

โˆ’ โˆ’ restriction โˆ’ price = RATE

If you do n`t desire Wput to consume all readily available transmission capacity, define this flag. Price is a numerical value. The devices 'K' (for KiB) and also 'M' (for MiB) are recognized. The upload price is restricted generally, suggesting that if you restrict the price to 10K and also Wput was simply able to send with 5K for the first secs, it will certainly send (when possible) after that greater than 10K till the ordinary price of 10K is met.

Concerning trickle,

flow is a userspace transmission capacity supervisor. Presently, flow sustains the shaping of any kind of SOCK_STREAM (see outlet (2)) link developed using the outlet (2) user interface. In addition, flow will certainly not collaborate with statically connected executables, neither with setuid (2) executables .

2022-06-07 16:08:04

Maybe not excellent, yet probably you could divide the tar right into smaller sized documents portions and also have your manuscript iterate via them with a rest at the end of the loop?

2022-06-07 15:46:57