Automatically detect unresponsive processes

Every as soon as in a while, a process comes to be less competent for whatever factor. After seeing my laptop computer follower sobbing out loud I promptly locate and also eliminate the wrongdoer in htop.

My inquiry is: exists a visual device for identifying such occasions? Something comparable to Android is "Force give up|Wait" dialog when an application is taking much longer than common.

I've looked for a little bit yet thought of absolutely nothing possibly I had not been making use of the appropriate terms.

Many thanks!

2022-06-07 15:17:23
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You can make use of leading in an incurable. I recognize it is not visual and also manual, yet it has really reduced memory impact.

  • Open gnome - incurable
  • Type leading
  • Press P to type by CPU use
  • When you see a process consuming all your CPU, press K and also give the process - id of the annoying application
  • If the process is not running as your existing customer, as an example: origin , you will certainly need to start leading as origin (take care with that said)
2022-06-07 15:47:47