Why do so many games for PS3 have 'restricted/locked' save-games?

Many of the video games I played had actually 'secured' conserve - video games, so they can not be replicated to an USB - Stick, as an example. Yet I'm asking yourself why? Is it an arrangement in between Sony and also the growth workshops to compel the Playstation Plus attributes? What inspirations have these programmers to obstruct the duplicating?

Directly, for me it is really awkward due to the fact that I need to switch in between 2 systems.

2022-06-07 15:17:28
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Games which have duplicate defense usually have gamer - one-of-a-kind attributes that stop them from being useful by various other customers maybe on-line progress/stats (the instance for Demon is Souls) and also I think occasionally it is due to the fact that some conserves include DLC information that could be bothersome when moved in between customers that do not possess it (I think that is the factor for Dragon Age is conserves being duplicate shielded).

Directly I assume a remedy where a conserve is transferable yet just useful by the initial PSN ID is the most effective, nonetheless I assume Sony hesitates customers would certainly change those conserves and also replicate them back, if you consider Borderlands, as an example, where the conserves aren't replicate safeguarded, thing hacking and also duping is bountiful.

I concur with you on the convenience concern, I myself shed a couple of duplicate shielded conserves recently due to the fact that a backup failed and also I just had back-ups of my non - shielded conserves I replicated in the past.

2022-06-07 15:47:50