Is it possible to get the trophy "SHARDCORE" in inFamous 2 while you're still limited to the first part of the city?

I ask this due to the fact that Ive currently obtained the prize for 50% of the Dead Drops. It stands to factor I would possibly have the ability to additionally get 50% of the Blast Shards (which is just how you get the prize SHARDCORE).

There are private citizens associating fragments, yet taking them from them is a bad act. Exists a means to get 50% of the fragments WITHOUT taking them from the private citizens?

This inquiry just relates to the first component of the video game, prior to you've gone across the bridge in the north - eastern component of the city. I'm attempting to get the fragments in this details period.

I'm actually appreciating the video game is tale, so please leave any kind of remarks or solutions looter free .

2022-06-07 15:17:34
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It is not feasible to locate 50% of the blast fragments without going across over to the northeastern island, although you'll get darn close. The ones you can extract from private citizens in this fashion do not count (looters possibly on that particular web page) in the direction of your total amount for the objectives of this success, so you can do this prize without being "evil" if you so pick.

You could take into consideration component of the remainder of the solution looters, although I've attempted to maintain it actually obscure. I do not assume reviewing the remainder of this solution would certainly misbehave, yet I do not recognize if you would certainly be troubled by it, so I've shielded it

You might intend to wait in any case as:

Later you get a capacity that aids you locate them on the minimap.

The total blast fragment pursuit has:

305 blast fragments, of which 149 are available (map on that particular web page, given to resource my solution) on the first island.

2022-06-07 15:48:12