Why did Steam erase all my games?

Steam simply got rid of all my video games without caution. Below is my arrangement and also what I've done lately that can be relevant (I'm consisting of possibly way too much information in the hopes it aids a person identify what took place):

  • I've had my Steam account in operation on 3 computer systems for months, and also included a 4th concerning a month earlier. There were no concerns with this apart from the regular requiring to work with which one is checked in at what time.

  • The other day I recovered component of a back-up (made on Computer A numerous months ago) to Computer B . This was a little bit bothersome ; it fell short as soon as, however when I attempted in Offline Mode, and also functioned the 3rd time although there were link concerns and also I had problem obtaining Steam to exit after it ended up. Ultimately this workout was totally pointless given that Steam intended to download and install the whole video games once more anyways. 1

  • Today I finished several of the downloads on Computer B (COD1 and also Worms Crazy Golf).

  • I after that checked in on Computer C , compeling Computer B to be logged out.

  • After that I place Steam right into Offline Mode on Computer C , and also visited on Computer B once more.

  • Next I launched Worms Crazy Golf on B and also left Steam when I understood that B really did not have my conserves given that the video game does not make use of Steam Cloud. (Despite this, Steam reported that it was syncing to Steam Cloud when I left.)

  • Ultimately I began Steam on Computer A prior to attaching to the internet, and also it normally offered me a link mistake. I attached and also struck Retry. As opposed to visiting it claimed something like "Exiting", the major window blinked quickly, and also it left.

  • I think this is the factor where it got rid of every little thing due to the fact that the log - in window returned up concerning thirty secs later on and also, while it remembered my username, it really did not remember my password and also or else resembled it does when you start it up the really very first time.

  • After checking in none of my video games were noted as mounted, and also my Favorites food selection was vacant (and also wound up vacant on the various other PCs too). My steamappsbkslshcommon folder on the disk drive was vacant and also absolutely nothing can be recouped with undelete devices.

So, currently I have a couple of inquiries:

  • Why did Steam get rid of every little thing? Is this a well-known concern?
  • Did I do something "wrong"? I was the one doing every one of the activities, establishing and also playing, though that recognizes what their heuristics considered it. My account does not show up to have been put on hold or anything
  • How can I stop this from taking place once more?


1The re - downloading can be due to the fact that there were updates to the video games, yet I do not assume so given that the downloads were the dimension of the whole video games. COD: MW2 could not perhaps have had 11 GB of updates, right? Regardless I am adhering to hand-operated back-ups from currently on, Steam is are also slow-moving and also clearly unstable.

2022-06-07 15:17:35
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Te ideal remedy I can occur is to merely NOT allow Steam install itself right into Program Files, rather I install it on something like C: bkslshSteam straight, so windows can not occur and also slap me with UAC whenever i visit or out.

The actual concern below is that the Steam customer is really buggy on its execution of mounted web content. Occasionally it simply removes the web content due to the fact that an additional account was visited or you visited to a few other account.

I had a relevant point taking place.

In my residence i have 2 desktop computers and also a laptop computer. My desktop computer has constantly had the steam customer mounted and also it has the visitor account made it possible for. A week ago my bro arrangement a steam account, mounted the customer on the 2nd desktop computer and also I talented L4D2 to him. When I mosted likely to function he made use of the visitor account on my desktop computer to visit to his account, logging out of mine.

As quickly as i returned to visit, steam had actually gotten rid of Fallout 3, Skyrim and also Mass Effect 1 & 2 with no factor apart from logout. It has actually taken place 3 times currently, so I asume it is a bug in the Steam Client.

2022-06-08 03:13:51

I recognize of just one manner in which this can take place in home windows, and also has absolutely nothing to do with Steam apart from their not - so - wonderful choice to install all web content right into Program Files.

If you get on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, and also you have UAC readied to ON, after that transform it later on to OFF, this can take place.

UAC does point bad point where if a program attempts to contact a "protected" location like Program Files, EVEN IF YOU ARE ADMINISTRATOR, when you get a UAC punctual and also permit, it in fact creates any kind of documents that would generally enter into that directory site right into a "virtualized" directory site elsewhere.

If you switch off UAC, that will certainly no more take place, and also as an outstanding incentive, it will certainly no more find out about the documents that it virtualized.

So in your instance, if you had UAC on, mounted a lots of video games, after that later on got ill of UAC and also transformed it off, this would certainly take place as you defined.

See the 2nd paragraph in "Features" in the write-up on User Account Control.

If you have actually done this and also activate UAC once more, your web content will certainly return, yet be a TOTAL mess due to the fact that if you've downloaded and install extra things with UAC off, then that will certainly be unseen when you transform UAC on, and also the other way around.

this drove me a little insane as soon as prior to I understood what was taking place.

i'm interested to recognize if this is your concern.

2022-06-08 02:17:40