Cisco FC SAN switch decision

I've reached acquire a number of FC SAN switches over in the next week approximately, I need to, and also intend to, acquire Cisco MDSs.

Web Servers are HP BL490c G6 remains in C7000 framework with Virtual - Connect Flex - 10 ethernet interconnects and also VC FC interconnects (Emulex HBAs btw), all running ESX 3.5U4 (in the meantime).

I assume I've just actually obtained 2 selections ;

  • MDS 9509 is with twin - managers with a solitary 48 - port 4Gb FC card
  • MDS 9222i is with solitary manager and also the constructed - in 18 - FC - port/4 - GigE - FCIP - port alternative

Both have the very same capability (I assume, acquiring the venture permit btw), both have plenty adequate efficiency and also ample ports in the meantime and also the next 3 years.

The 9222i is have to do with 55% the rate of the 9509 is - reasoning claims get the 'i is yet will I actually miss out on the twin - managers? I've obtained great deals of 9509 is with twin - managers that I'm really satisfied with yet I'm not exactly sure I've every gained from the twin - sups in the past and also they are virtually two times the rate - yet if I do not buy them and also miss them I can not retrofit them later on.

What are your ideas?

2022-06-07 15:17:37
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For beginners I would certainly never ever make use of a twin manager FC switch as a substitute for having different repetitive paths from your blade to your storage space tool. I would certainly constantly make use of 2 different buttons. With that said as a standard I assume it is everything about convenience degree. If you have a solitary manager and also it falls short in a switch, after that your 2nd switch will certainly need to grab the website traffic. That is great till you have 2 buttons fall short at the very same time - you need to establish if the threat of that taking place deserves the rate for twin - managers. I would certainly never ever intend to address that inquiry for somebody else, yet I can claim for our (tiny) store we have solitary controllers and also fast accessibility to an extra switch so we never ever keep up simply one switch for long.

2022-06-07 15:46:10