How do you solve the Silver Hand quest?

I have a trouble with the Silver Hand pursuit. I've come to be a monster and also I've entirely clear out the Silver Hand hideout and also Skinner, the Chief Silver Hand, with my friend participant Aela. I've gone back to Whiterun and also the pursuit is noted as addressed in my journal, yet when I request for job my friends inform me I am currently working with something.

I can not locate a new pursuit in my journal and also I do not have the fight - axe Wuuthrad. I've looked the hideout numerous times yet I can not locate the Wuuthrad. What job are they describing?

2022-06-07 15:17:41
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The Retrieval pursuit entails locating the Fragment of Wuuthrad, nonetheless you do not locate it in the very same hideout where you slaughtered the Silver Hand principal.

See described details here

2022-06-07 15:42:23