Adjustment boot order for Wubi

I've arrangement Ubuntu using Wubi lately for a close friend and also he returned with an issue: On restarts the Windows dividing is constantly picked by default, figured this was simply a demand to upgrade Grub yet understood that Wubi contacts the Windows Boot Manager and also does not make use of Grub.

Though this is practically a "Windows" inquiry I had not been able to locate a clear solution for this.

Just how to do I change the boot/selection order for Operating systems (Mainly Ubuntu using Wubi) on the Windows Boot Manager?

2019-05-07 01:26:31
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Click start and also run msconfig (in Windows). Seek the Boot tab and also scuff of the OS. I can not remember what it resembles its been a while, yet its attractive self informative.

All the best and also satisfied Ubuntuing!

2019-05-08 22:02:49

The Wubi Guide on the Ubuntu wiki (manual uninstall section) offers some tips on just how to modify the Windows Boot Manager boot order in Vista and also XP.

In Windows Vista you can either make use of EasyBCD or change the boot food selection using Control Panel (Classic View) > System > Advanced system settings ; after that pick "Settings ..." under Startup and also Recovery.

In Windows XP , modify C :\ boot.ini.

According to this Wubi HowTo, the default OS can be transformed in Windows 7 by mosting likely to Control Panel > Advanced System Settings, and also in the Default os decline - down picking Ubuntu as opposed to Windows.

2019-05-08 21:08:31