Web Server Uptime Reporting and also Tracking

My division keeps 6 web servers running both Windows Server 2003 and also Ubuntu Server.

We need to report and also track our uptime. I think we need to have a 95% uptime and also we have no actual means to track and also report this information. Presently we are simply doing this by hand with a message documents and also estimates on downtime.

What devices are around to aid with this job or just how do you presently report and also track your web server uptime?

2019-05-07 01:28:50
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I make use of http://mon.itor.us/ (yet it is down presently ).

2019-05-07 20:38:28

nagios will certainly offer you downtime records, and also is readily available in the typical ubuntu databases.

2019-05-07 18:10:30

Ah, among my favorite subjects.

First, you require to specify 'uptime'.

Do you suggest the web server is running? (in which instance, simply sound it consistently in a manuscript ).

Or do you suggest the application is running? (connect to the application's 'web page'. consistently, thinking it's an internet application )

Or do you suggest the application is giving business solutions it is intended to? (in which instance, you require to runs some type of synthetic transaction.

I assume just the last one remains in any kind of feeling proper. The others are practically less complicated to do, yet do not actually associate with "is this web server giving value to business".

As you will certainly see if you click the link I included, there are several firms marketing remedies that do this, or you can roll your very own. I've experience with NetIQ's items, and also Microsoft MOM (thw 2 have a common background ), yet I'm certain others function too.

When you do select a device, take into consideration just how to make up intended upgrades and also maintenance durations - an ignorant strategy will certainly videotape these as downtime.

Additionally, 95% is really undemanding - it amounts 72 mins of downtime daily, or greater than 8 hrs a week. Attempt taking your web server inactive for every one of the functioning day each Thursday, claim, and also I assume you'll uncover your SLA is in fact a little bit extra requiring than that ...

2019-05-07 18:08:29