Just how do you detect a web server momentarily cold?

I've obtained a scenario where a windows web server (Windows server 2003), that can just be accessed making use of remote desktop computer or citrix, shows up to freeze momentarily.

What is the most effective means to check this system. Sending out even more information throughout the network link can be creating the freeze, so I do not intend to have devices like procedure display running and also creating network website traffic.

2019-05-07 01:29:21
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There are numerous various devices to make use of in this situationbut the most effective for eyes on troubleshooting is Perfmon ... after that you simply require to set up counters for disk/processor/ram/ network and also expect inexplicable spikes. This would certainly best be done from the console, yet can be corrected RDP.

Start | Run | perfmon - - - will certainly discharge up some standard counters.

When it comes to long-term surveillance I make use of 2 devices. and also Microsoft System Center 2007.

The MSCOM2007 will certainly offer you the capacity to check down to the gnats eyeball what is selecting an equipment. Spiceworks is greater degree.

2019-05-21 10:19:48

Check occasion logs after a freeze. Seek any kind of admonitory or mistakes in the logs. Efficiency display might additionally have the ability to aid.

You can additionally arrangement some type of surveillance or heart beat procedure making use of 3rd party devices.

2019-05-08 01:12:23