Exists a Linux energies repository online obtainable from an internet internet browser?

Exists some area which has the collection of all the most up to date Linux energies (something like filehippo.com for Windows energies)?

I recognize I can make use of numerous download energies comparable to yum, each of which would certainly have their very own databases.

I am asking yourself if there is any kind of database for Linux kept anywhere that allows me download and install these energies right from the internet browser?

2019-05-07 01:34:01
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All package management systems such as proper, yum, etc download and install the plans from the Internet (generally from the internet, occasionally using FTP). You can figure out where your system's plan supervisor seeks its downloads and also go there.

Several circulations have an internet user interface where you can locate details concerning plans (search, surf changelogs, see bug records, etc). As an example http://packages.debian.org/ for Debian, http://www.freebsd.org/ports/index.html for FreeBSD, etc

Note that given that there are several versions of unix, a solitary binary will not work with every one of them. So generally you require to locate a binary that's assembled for your circulation and also style. The majority of areas that accumulate such binaries specify to one circulation.

There are a couple of circulation - independent areas with collections of free software program for unix, yet they often tend to have just resources. The largest one I'm mindful of is Freshmeat.

2019-05-08 21:55:27

It would certainly differ by distro. As an example :

2019-05-08 21:48:20

Many software program tasks have their organizing and also plans for numerous circulations at Sourceforge or Google Code. Additionally Freshmeat can be taken into consideration as a directory site absolutely free software program. One of the most of them allow you download and install plans for your circulation or checkout/clone their database.

Yet I see no reason that someone need to keep such a website. There is no benefit in operation your internet browser for download some energies if you intend to install them in your system after that.

This is specifically the work of the package monitoring of your circulation and also a lot of them do an excellent work at this :) In the majority of instances there exist numerous wrapper tools for plan monitoring in all tastes.

As an example in Arch there is the standard plan monitoring device called pacman. If I intend to install energy foo, I merely need to type pacman -S foo and also every little thing is mounted. If tehre are not nearly enough plans given I can look in the AUR (Arch User Repository). I can make use of yaourt which is a wrapper for pacman or merely surf the AUR Homepage. On Debian you make use of apt-get or aptitude, etc

The FreeBSD plans come additionally using the system tools or using the Ports Homepage.

So why should I intend to surf any kind of various other homepage to download and install any kind of energies? If my plan database does not have it, its a lot of the moment a tiny and also out of favor task which I more than likely will not locate at any kind of various other "repository" on the net.

Enhancement after brief Discussion with Warren Young (see remarks) : My factor is not, that every tool/software/utility needs to exist as a plan and also otherwise, that it is not "valuable". The factor is, that if you are missing out on a device, you recognize what you desire and also can get it straight from the task web page. One of the most predict web pages are organized on the called solutions (sf, gc, fm) which give you with a standard directory site, so in mix with your plan monitoring and also the task web pages there need to be no demand for such a database.

2019-05-08 21:45:21