Just how can I look for a search phrase with special characters in Google Search?

I intend to look for what += suggests, yet Google will not return any kind of records.

Additionally when I find some PHP code I do not recognize I can not look for the keywords as created.

Just how can I look for these special characters or include these special characters in a search.

2019-05-07 01:35:20
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I assumed if you positioned something in quotes it would certainly compel a search of that specific term.

ie looking for

"C+npls "

would certainly look for C+npls and also not simply C

2019-12-04 09:19:11

Sorry, you can not. The lack of ability to look for line sound on Google is the scourge of designers. Attempt seeking write-ups concerning A * search at some time.

2019-05-30 14:59:02

Write it out:

-f : perldoc -f -X. If no documents name is defined (as holds true below) checks if $_ has the name of a simple documents

> : Checks if the RHS is more than the LHS

@+ : In scalar context, returns the variety of components in @+

? : the conditional driver

*< : The chunk for main::<

. : String concatenation driver

-&'_ : Invokes a subroutine main::_ . FYI, ' is the perl4 design plan name separator. Attempt perl -MHTML'Template -e 1.

: : Continuing with conditional driver

$# : The output format for printed numbers

/ : Division driver

%! : %ERRNO ; see perldoc perlvar

So, it is possible to recognize if you place a little initiative right into it. Plainly, this is not just how any person needs to write programs, yet there some gain from individuals pressing the borders.

2019-05-30 14:50:42

Well, you can bing it by placing quotes around it, yet it does not appear ahead up with anything pertinent:

A google search additionally thought of unnecessary outcomes till I included "perl" to the question, in which instance it in fact thought of a stackoverflow inquiry concerning your favorite programmer joke which had that string:

2019-05-30 13:59:09

Ask an inquiry concerning it on superuser.com and also await Google to index it. I simply located this web page by googling "-f>@+?*<.-&'_:$#/%!" (with the quotes).

The resulting search web page URL is http://www.google.ca/search?q="-f>@%2B%3F*<.-%26'_:$%23/%25!"

2019-05-30 13:52:53

Google does not look for spelling personalities regarding I recognize. In this instance what you could intend to attempt is to look with a summary of your personalities : something like plus equals or plusequals. That will possibly locate you something, specifically if you add the shows language to your question (PHP in this instance).

2019-05-08 22:05:37

Unfortunately, this is not feasible.

From the main Google Help Page :

Generally, spelling is overlooked, consisting of @#$% ^ & * () =+[ ] \ and also various other special characters

I would certainly attempt considering various other internet search engine or sources that could be handy. Something like GitHub could be valuable.

Resources from Google Help Forum :

2019-05-08 21:21:02

I saw that some words with spelling are indexed.

As an example :

  • C+npls
  • i+npls
  • Micro$ oft

Here's Google's official documentation of this feature :

Punctuation that is not overlooked

  • Punctuation in preferred terms that have certain definitions, like [ C+npls ] or [ C# ] (both are names of shows languages), are not overlooked.
  • The buck indicator ($) is made use of to show rates. [ nikon 400 ] and also [ nikon $400 ] will certainly offer various outcomes.
  • The hyphen - is occasionally made use of as a signal that both words around it are really highly attached. (Unless there is no room after the - and also a room prior to it, in which instance it is an adverse indicator.)
  • The emphasize icon _ is not overlooked when it attaches 2 words, as an example [ quick_sort ].
2019-05-08 19:35:00