Returning from Dual-boot to simply Windows

I mounted Ubuntu at some time back along side Vista, yet later on located that I hardly ever (if ever before) usage Ubuntu. Just how very easy is it to return my computer system to its first state of having just one OS, and also liberating the hard-drive room made use of by the Ubuntu install?

2019-05-04 02:41:27
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There are 2 variables below :

  • first, fix the MBR to make sure that you can boot to Windows (it might threaten to start removing dividings if you aren't certain that your boot-loader does not utilize them ). This knowledge-base article covers some circumstances, yet see to it you recognize it prior to hacking around ...
  • second, make use of disk monitoring in Windows to recognize and also remove the annoying dividings

Be mindful. A lot of these procedures can (if done inaccurately ) leave your system unbootable, and/or reason information loss. Probably backup any kind of essential information first.

2019-05-07 18:00:13