Ideal techniques to maintain your computer system (s) supported successfully?

I'm seeking an economical and also reliable approach to maintain my computers and also laptop computers supported.

As an example, presently I take a photo of my desktop computer once a week with Ghost and also area the photo on my exterior disk drive. Is this adequate? Do you have any kind of various other pointers?

2019-05-07 01:40:23
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I have a great deal of information and also its in regards to video clips and also audio information and also ideal means of supporting to me is to have 2 hard drive back-ups and also 1 dvd backup of one of the most vital information. And also 1 hard drive back and also 1 dvd backup of minimal vital information

I make use of Acronis True Image as opposed to Norton Ghost as i locate it to be a better user interface and also its an extra trusted software program to make use of as i have actually encountered corruption of back-ups with Norton Ghost yet this is from my very own individual experience.

Its not a really economical remedy yet after that inevitably its the information that counts, conversely you can additionally acquire an economical endless organizing account and also store your information there also, yet after that the security of the web server depends on you, though i would not trust my vital information on-line

2019-05-17 14:33:43

For images and also video clip especially I see flickr as an off - website backup.

I have virtually 40 GB of individual images and also video clips, the biggest component of my residence back-ups. For off - website back-ups, my flickr professional account is really inexpensive. ($ 25/year)

Still seeking a price - reliable off - website remedy for "normal" back-ups.

2019-05-09 07:55:42

Mozy operates at residence or at the workplace, yet I've located the most effective component is that my gf does not need to do anything to get it to function. I mounted it and also currently I recognize her compy is being supported regularly.

2019-05-09 07:54:14

You can additionally backup the ghost photo to a on - line backup solution. There are numerous firms, some which supply free accounts as a beginning factor.

2019-05-09 07:40:02

This might not certify as "economical" and also is windows details yet the Windows Home Server is functioning quite possibly for me. I'm supporting numerous equipments and also I have 3 months of back ups to pick from if points fail. I have the HP Media Smart variation and also I'm exceptionally satisfied with it. Below is a link to a testimonial by Scott Hanselman.

Prior to obtaining the residence web server I was taking photos and also ghosts and also had a number of manuscripts that maintained information repetitive. Every one of this was really vulnerable to human or otherwise mistake.

2019-05-08 23:12:29

I would certainly advise establishing freenas on an old equipment with great deals of disk room and also making use of an automated rsync program.

Making use of rsync you are just replicating adjustments in between the last variation and also existing over the network, so it's rather quickly.

2019-05-08 22:56:22

Of training course 'economical' relies on the viewers' sight ...

I'm making use of a Dlink DNS - 323 NAS (outfitted with 2x 1TB drives in RAID1) in mix with BackupPc, which is in fact a 'gui' around Rsync.

2019-05-08 22:41:49

Here's my residence backup approach :

  • Most documents are saved on a Linux documents web server that my Windows equipments connect to.
  • All my songs, video clip, & photos survive a Windows equipment that comes back approximately the Linux documents web server.
  • The Linux documents web server is supported to an exterior disk drive
  • About 75% of my information is supported from another location making use of Jungle Disk.
  • Every one of my remote internet sites & data sources are supported to my residence equipments making use of rsync & mysqldump over ssh.

Every one of the above takes place two times a day.

Completion outcome is that any one of my computer systems can pass away, my webhost can go away, or my residence can refute and also I'll endure marginal to no irreversible information loss.

The vital point to assume is "If this point dies/breaks/goes away, what will I shed?". After that assume it concerning every resource of information you have.

2019-05-08 22:38:23

Home backup approach :

  • Photos, Music, Scans on Main Desktop are supported making use of Time Machine attached to External USB Hard Drive
  • Videos and also huge documents (as an example MSDN Downloads) are gone on 1TB RAID5 NAS (NAS will certainly send sharp if disk drive is shed)
  • Photos, Music, Scans on Main Desktop are supported a couple of times a week making use of Jungle Disk Plus.

I lately had my Main Desktop HDD pass away and also had the ability to bring every little thing back in concerning a day.

2019-05-08 22:20:02

I have a Mac and also a COMPUTER on the very same network. I occasionally run Folder Synchronizer (by SoftoBe) on my Mac, which talks with the common drives on my COMPUTER, and also duplicates the information. Time Machine does the remainder.

I take into consideration Time Machine my "residence ablaze" drive. All I require to take with me is that exterior drive. (Well ... the better half and also child also.)

2019-05-08 22:09:54

My individual approach is to run a complete system backup and also store the information on a mobile USB hard drive every number of weeks. I allow the backup run overnight, and also the mobile drive is required to collaborate with me and also place in a safe and secure area there so it is off - website from my pc. If your house refute or the computer system is swiped, the information is still secure. The various other key to any kind of backup remedies is to see to it you can in fact recover documents. Occasionally examination this to guarantee your information is recoverable. As soon as a month I select a handful of arbitrary documents to recover simply to see to it the information is recoverable. If you do not mind a month-to-month cost, there are a lot of on-line backup carriers that will certainly maintain your documents integrated with their solution in close to actual - time to make certain every little thing is constantly as up - to - day as feasible. I favor having my very own duplicate around where I can access it at any time, and also I favor the documents to not remain in a real-time state regularly in instance I require to curtail a week approximately.

2019-05-08 10:11:03

Similar to Huppie, I make use of a RAID 1 on 2 1 TB disks in a "toaster oven unit", which permits the opportunity of off - website storage space.

I additionally secure my backup, making use of cryptsetup in my instance. In addition to that, I additionally make use of LVM quantities ; this permits each computer system's backup to be on a different quantity. (Each computer system can after that support to the quantity that worries them, and also stay clear of the opportunity of belting various other computer systems' back-ups.)

The real backup process is a straightforward rsync (rsync -av --delete --inplace ...).

2019-05-08 08:57:12

In basic I assume making back-ups as automated as feasible will certainly make certain that you constantly get the degree of backup you require. You additionally desire some degree of redundancy both on-site and also off-site. If the information does not exist in 2 areas simultaneously, after that it actually does not exist.

I would certainly advise the adhering to strategies for maximum redundancy :

Duplicate your vital information in your area

This can be done making use of a number of approaches

  1. Mirror your drive (s ) instantly with RAID-1
  2. Automatically duplicate your drive (s ) making use of an rsync design backup manuscript, or various other application (TimeMachine, Carbon Copy Cloner, etc ). I would certainly additionally favor a backup application which does rolling photos (like Apple's Time Machine or rsnapshot )
  3. Store all your vital information on a committed NAS with some type of dynamically expanding RAID (like a Drobo, or a NetGear ReadyNAS. Make use of an application (like those detailed in method 2 ) to instantly replicate information from your numerous systems and also drives to the NAS on at the very least a day-to-day basis

Backup your vital information offsite

I would certainly advise making use of a 'cloud' based backup remedy that is automated. These include :

  1. Mozy
  2. Carbonite
  3. Backblaze

These solutions instantly post endless information to their web servers for $4.95 a month. Several of these solutions also offer you 30 days of photos so you can return to information you mistakenly removed.

Mirror your system drive

If you actually intend to get insane paranoid concerning shedding your information, I would certainly additionally mirror your system drive daily making use of a matching device like TrueImage, CarbonCopyCloner, SuperDuper. This will certainly offer you a specific duplicate of your system drive, so if your drive falls short, you can simply appear the duplicated drive and also grab where you ended. No time at all threw away restoring your system, mounting old applications, and so on

2019-05-08 00:04:49

I have a linux equipment and also 2 windows equipments that I require to be supported. I have 2 500GB exterior disk drives formatted to an ext3 documents system and also have the linux equipment run a manuscript that places the drive, runs rsnapshot, and also unmounts the drive.

Rsnapshot is primarily a clever means of making use of rsync to do reliable back-ups. I have an rsync daemon running as a solution on each of the windows equipments (many thanks to cygwin ) and also the rsnapshot procedure on the linux box attaches to that.

You can possibly do the very same point making use of a windows equipment as the backup tool (rsnapshot is readily available using cygwin ) nonetheless rsnapshot makes hefty use tough web links, which is something I'm not certain of with an NTFS documents system. YMMV.

2019-05-07 20:03:02

This isn't an approach for supporting an entire computer system (I make use of WHS and also Time Machine for that ), but also for essential documents, I make use of Dropbox. It instantly integrates documents throughout various computer systems, plus they come back up and also versioned online. Free for approximately 2 jobs, spend for up to 50GB. This is the first online documents sych device or solution I've located that simply functions. Straightforward, no problems, set it up and also you're done. I enjoy it.

2019-05-07 18:33:08